Kirkhill Primary School

A Chilly Morning!

What a beautiful morning it was today to be outside! We all got wrapped up and headed off into the freezing fog. Today we went on a journey to a different part of the woods to learn all about badgers!

We learned that badgers are a protected animal in Scotland so we all had to be very quiet and respectful as we walked through their territory. I wonder if you can teach someone at home all about badgers? Here are some questions to help you out…

  • What is a badgers home called?
  • How many badgers normally live together?
  • What do you call a group of badgers who live together?
  • What do badgers do in winter?
  • How many worms can they eat in a night?
  • How do they keep their sett clean?

We split into teams and small groups went to look at the entrances to the sett. The other teams and had a go at making badger tracks in the mud and we created homes for the Little People. We had snacks and hot juice to warm up and then we headed back up to school.

Did you like visiting a new part of the woods or do you like to learn in the normal place?

When we got back we drew in our nature diaries and shared our new learning with our friends.

When we left we took a photo to see if the weather would change while we were out…did it?! 🙂

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