Kirkhill Primary School

Nursery trip to Abriachan

On Friday morning we met up at Abriachan Forest to look for mini beasts, which has been our topic for most of this term.  Half of the group were given nets and asked to look for flying and creepy crawlie things and the other half were given to nets to look for tadpoles, frogs and fish in the pond and burn.  We found all sorts of mini beasts such as spiders, moths and pond skaters.  When using the nets in the burn and pond we found a tadpoles, a frog and several small fish.  Mrs MacLellan had a very lucky find which we all appreciated seeing close up – a newt!

It was a very informative morning and the we all had lots of fun.

Thank you to all the parents who attended for their support.


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Ross County – Little Dribblers

We have had great fun at PE due to Ross County Development team showing us some football skills, such as how to balance a ball before kicking it and how to control it when we are dribbling.  After learning our skills we then have a game of football to try and score as many goals as we can.  We’ve got several potential professionals; brilliant goal scorers 🙂


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Spring has arrived!

We have been busy in the nursery garden planting up our pots with spring flowers.  We had a bright sunny morning for it and we all enjoyed ourselves, getting dirty and working together.

Now we just have to remember to water them!

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People who help us …

In Nursery we have been learning all about ‘People who help us’ everyday.  This morning we met the ‘Postie’ delivering letters and parcels to the School office.  Next week Marion is going to visit us on Monday to make sure that we are brushing our teeth properly after snack.  On Tuesday, a fire fighter is going to visit to tell us about how he helps us.

Recently we have been earning points for our Safer Routes to School chart when we’ve been out doing our daily wiggle walk.  Here we are having fun …


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Blowing bubbles!

This morning we were outside blowing bubbles and having a chat while walking around in the playground.

All children enjoyed being back to Nursery after our long weekend.  Roll on Spring!


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Snowy day!

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Nursery 2018

Welcome back to the new term.  We hope you had a happy and healthy Christmas.

This term, the children have chosen to learn about “Being Healthy” and we hope you will enjoy seeing what we will be covering over the coming weeks.

“One Snowy Day!”

On another note we just wanted to let you see the fun we have been having in the snow.



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Welcome back to another busy term!

This term we will be learning about Space.  This will include night, day, dark, light, sun, moon, planets, space exploration!  This week the children wanted to know all about rockets, how they work and where they can take us.

We have begun the week talking about rocket boosters, the moon and the sun, gravity and the earth’s atmosphere.

We have started to make “Jet Packs” and the Noisy Quiet Room has been transformed into the night’s sky, with the children decorating the doors with stars and planets.

If you have anything at home your child may wish to bring in, please do, it opens up all manner of discussion and learning and is just good fun to see what others play with and read.

Below are a few photos of what we have been doing in our first few days back and we will be expanding on the subject of Space in the week’s to come.

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End of term

We have come to the end of another fun filled term knowing more about ourselves than we did to start with.  We have been development our skills, along with Primary 1, in being kind, polite and encouraging to one another, especially during team games.  We have discovered and developed our five senses by feeling the wind in our faces, looking at the changes taking place around us, listening for bird song and other sounds and smelling the delicious aromas coming from the kitchen, when we have been out on our Wiggle walk around the school.  We’ve also enjoyed tasting our snacks and talking about where our food comes from especially around harvest festival time.  Hope you have also enjoyed hearing from the children about what they have been discovering.

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