Kirkhill Primary School

Our last trip to the woods!

What a lovely morning we had with our parents in the woods! I love how confident and independent you are now! We followed some clues that took us on a journey around the woods and we had to mark our card with a stamper to show that we had been there. We also used clay in lots of imaginative ways. Alice discovered that you could print onto the clay using things from the woodland so when we returned to school we set up a wee clay studio and started experimenting with imprints.

Thanks for everyone’s support with our Monday morning’s in the woods, it’s been so great to to see the class change and develop with the seasons.

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Our Day at the Beach!

We had a great day together at Rosemarkie beach yesterday, P1 had made a very full plan of everything they wanted to pack into 4 hours and we managed to tick a few off the list but definitely not everything!

Can you tell someone about some of the interesting things you found on the shore?

Can you describe something you found in a rock pool?

Did you go into the water? Was it lovely and warm?!

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Rosemarkie Next Tuesday

Thank you to everyone who has returned their permission slip and money! We are starting to get excited about our trip and have been thinking about what we would like to do at the beach together.

  • Thank you to everyone who has offered to help on the day. I have now been in touch with the parents who I have asked to come. If you have not heard from me then it means we don’t require your help this time. Thanks again though!
  • If you have requested a school packed lunch your child will get it on Tuesday morning before we leave. They will still need additional snacks for the rest of the day though.
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Photos from last week!

Last we were…

  • experimenting with ropes and pulleys to see if we could get the lunch basket along the line like Mr Grinling in our book!
  • noticing the changes to the woodland over the year that we have visited it
  • meeting P6’s little chicks
  • creating 2D shapes
  • counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • foraging for wood sorrel – can you spot the difference between sorrel and clover?
  • organising and patiently awaiting a tesco delivery!
  • planning and creating delicious sandwiches!

This is what P1 wanted to write on the blog last week…

“If you wrap the rope around a tree, if you do it two times it would be stronger.”

“We made a zipline. I used a long rope.”

“We made a crazy knot, I just made it up but it was good.”

“The basket only went half way. It stopped in the middle. I thought I could pull it down and it might slide.”

“I think I made a double granny knot, it’s like a really hard knot you can’t undo!”

“A fankle is a a big muddle.”

“Our one was super low, the basket couldn’t even go along it.”

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A few reminders

There is still an issue with adding images to the blog this week but I’ll get some photos up soon! Last week was BUSY and we have lots to share with you!

A few reminders…

  • Rosemarkie trip on Tuesday – please can all permission slips and money be in as soon as possible!
  • Family Woods – we are inviting you all to join us in the woods on Monday 1st July for the morning
  • Picnic Lunch on Wednesday 26th June – see school newsletter for details
  • Last day of term – we have a few things to share with you on the last day of term so it would be lovely if you could come into the classroom for 11.45am on Thursday 4th July to celebrate with us before the holidays begin at 12.05pm!
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Team Work!

Look at this amazing photo! We played a team game yesterday where we had to work in a team, use strategies, follow rules and use our ball skills. This is the first time that we have played a full game of something like this and it was incredible to watch! We have been looking out for Primary Two Clues that show us we are ready for P2, I think this has to be one of them! 🙂


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Our week!

This week we have been…

  • sorting and organising information and creating graphs
  • skipping with the whole school for our skipathon!
  • developing our throwing and catching skills
  • trying hard to form all of our letters correctly
  • thinking about the seaside and planning a little trip…
  • creating a huge seaside picture
  • sharing stories about the sea and the sea shore

Things to Remember

Tomorrow is dress down day but you may choose to wear yellow and make a donation to the Highland Hospice instead.

A new home learning menu is coming home tomorrow, thanks to everyone who tried out the activities throughout May!

We are inviting all the families in for our Open Afternoon next Wednesday from 2.30pm.

Auditions for Kirkhill’s Got Talent will be held next week! Any individuals or groups can practice over the weekend and be ready to share their talent next week!

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What a Week!

We’ve had such a busy week! We’ve been…

  •  meeting lots of different people and listening to information and asking questions about the jobs that they do.
  • learning about what ‘estimate’ means and having ago
  • writing common words with ease!
  • using the Spheros and Kindles
  • solving problems to create strong bridges
  • tasting delicious colourful food
  • dressing as our own future careers
  • reading and creating times on different clocks
  • preparing for the Skipathon on Monday!


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