Kirkhill Primary School

Thank you!

Oops! I forgot to mention those who gave up their time to help us out today! Thank you to The Two Natalies, Flo, David and Eileen! We couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂

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“Well that was a great adventure, wasn’t it?”

I think that was the best quote of the day! Thank you to everyone for putting in so much effort to be the best that they could be. EVERYONE we met today mentioned what a great class you are and were very impressed with the great choices you were making. It was such an exciting day that by the bus ride home one of our team even had to have a wee power nap!

Here a few photos from the day, can your child tell you what they got up to?

We are already looking forward to our next trip next week! We found out today that we have been awarded the travel subsidy so the trip to Urquhart Castle is officially going ahead! 🙂

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Museum Trip on

Museum Trip on Tuesday 25th February

The bus timetable has changed so we will now be leaving Kirkhill in the 11.04 bus on Tuesday. We had originally planned to have an early lunch and then walk to the bus stop but we might end up with a few hangry folk if we eat lunch before 11am! (I’m thinking of myself here…)

Please work with your child to make a packed lunch that they can eat once we arrive in Inverness.

Please make sure your child is wearing warm, comfortable and waterproof clothes!

If you have not returned the permission slip PLEASE do this on Monday! J

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Welcoming Wednesdays!

We’re excited about introducing Welcoming Wednesdays in P1! This is a chance for you to come into class with your child and see what they get up to! We play from 9am and then normally tidy up around 10am so I’ll ask you to leave before then so that you don’t have to witness it… 🙂 I sent home 4 suggested dates to trial it but unfortunately 2 of those I will need to cancel due to other events taking place in school. Sorry for the late notice.

Here is a list of dates for this term, please just come along to which ever one you can and ignore the previous set dates that I suggested.

Wednesday 26th February

Wednesday 11th March

Wednesday 25th March

We can continue this into term 4 too but I’ll update you all with suitable days nearer the time.


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P1 Reminders!

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! We all came back full of energy today! We met the Commonwealth Judo champion Kimberly Renicks today who put us through our paces and then led a great assembly. We also worked in wee teams today to begin creating some amazing castles too! Photos to follow tomorrow!


  • Please check the red folders regularly, we have a trip next week and I need the permission forms to be read and signed and returned tomorrow!
  • Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help you with the trips and at the woods. I have put a note in the red folders for the parents who will be coming along, if you don’t see a note in the red folder then unfortunately it means we won’t need your help this time!
  • Please keep  the reading books in the red folder all of the time, it means we can collect them at the end of the week and it also means that when we meet throughout the week we all have our book with us.
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This week!


Please bring in forms and sponsorship money tomorrow for the Sports for Champions visit next week.

Please return trip consent forms and £2 for coach travel ASAP.

No school on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week! Enjoy your long weekend!

This week!

This week we have been…

  • exploring what the equals sign means when we create sums
  • finding out how to split numbers up into smaller parts
  • learning the sounds ch and sh
  • investigating how the dinosaurs died out and linking this to the current climate crisis
  • learning about endangered animals, particularly the orangutan and finding out more about how palm oil plantations are impacting on their lives
  • beginning to think more about castles and sharing what we know about them already
  • creating castles in teams based on our existing knowledge
  • learning about how to stay safe online with Buddy the dog! Can your child remember Buddy’s song?!
  • using our bodies to make and hold interesting shapes and positions
  • preparing a fruit salad and sharing it out with our friends
  • investigating floating and sinking
  • beginning to write our own books!
  • planning some random acts of kindness
  • sharing some fossils from home

… and there sis still another few hours of the week left tomorrow! Phew!

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Our week so far!

This week we have been thinking lots about sharing! We have been trying to share amounts out equally with Numicon, we have been thinking about sharing and taking turns when we are playing and we have been sharing our opinions and respecting others opinions too.

Today we learned all about fossil and listened for information in a short video clip on the Natural History Museum website.

Can your child tell you something interesting about fossils?

We have also been exploring measure more!  Today we used  a pan balance to explore the equals sign and we found lots of different ways to make the same amount! We have also been estimating and checking lengths. Back in  August we all marked our height on a really long tube and today we discovered that every single one of us has grown since then! We are all taller than we were!


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Today we have…

  • learned the sound y and enjoyed some yummy yogurt!
  • discovered some fossils in the sand
  • listened to some amazing talks about things/people that we think are special
  • learned more about our friends through sharing our personal timelines
  • add and subtracting withe the number rods
  • exploring different ways to measure our dinosaurs
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P1 News

We have had some great presentations this week! We should all have something ready to share by the end of next week! We have had a great presentation about a special holiday, a teddy and the birth of a new cousin! A reminder of what I’ll be looking for…

  • speak with a clear voice that everyone can hear
  • look at everyone as I speak
  • sound like I really know my stuff
  • speak for around one minute
  • answer questions from my friends

Carmen has also completed the timeline of her life and we have started a display so if you have made one throughout January send it in and we can share it with the class!

We have begun trying to answer our questions about dinosaurs too! We have been watching video clips for information, researching online with our P7 buddies and looking through books. If your child has any fact books about dinosaurs at home we would love to share them!


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