Kirkhill Primary School

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

What fun we had today celebrating Chinese New Year!  The P1-4 children were in mixed teams and rotated around four stations to find out about the Chinese New Year animals, make lucky red envelopes, eat noodles and create their rooster head gear! They were also SUPER-PROUD of their amazing homework projects and so they should be, they have all done a fabulous job!

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Happy Burns Day!

We had lots of fun learning about Robert Burns today! We discovered that he used to write songs and poems to impress the ladies, we sing his famous song Auld Lang Syne at New Year, he had to work on the farm to help his family and so much more!  We made our own tartan, did some excellent portraits of Robert Burns, listened to the poem To a mouse and worked with our P7 buddies to make our very own mice. I wonder if anyone can remember what the poem was about? It’s been a VERY busy day and all of P1 were amazing! So good in fact that they earned a pompom for all their hard work!

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Curriculum Overview

Please CLICK HERE to see the learning targets for your child for this term. We’ll be working hard on these and then sharing your child’s progress at Parent’s Night in March.

A few parents have asked about how to support their children when writing so I thought it might be useful to share the development of early writing.  The image below shows the range of writing we see in Primary 1 and all are developmentally appropriate at this point in the year.

The key is that any attempts (lines, shapes, letters) at writing are celebrated.  The focus is NOT on having the children learn the correct spelling of words, rather it’s all about allowing them to have the confidence to use their sounds to write. The details in their pictures often ‘tell’ a story and this is great to encourage. If your children ask you to write a word for them, try to avoid this if possible and merely say the word slowly, stretching it out so they can hear the first sound and the last.  If they write the sounds they hear they’ll soon start to make connections between sounds, letters and words and as soon as they ‘see’ themselves as writers, then they’re off!

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P1 Pompom Challenge!

In Primary 1 we’ve been working hard to get that ‘warm fuzzy’ feeling you experience when things are going well. Our ‘warm fuzzy feelings’ take the form of pompoms and we’ve been on a mission to collect ten of them. As soon as we collect ten then the whole class get a special treat!

Guess what? We reached the magic number on FRIDAY and our treat was some baking! Ask your child to tell you what the class have to do to earn a pompom and leave a comment with their response!

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Which Animal Are YOU?

On Friday we’re having our Chinese New Year fun day!  Watch the video clip together and learn a little about this celebration.  The image below should help with your homework task – can’t wait to see your animal creations arriving at school on Thursday!


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Such Hard Workers!

Learning to play together, solve problems and help our friends has been a big focus this week. The children in Primary 1 have all been trying really hard to share ‘good news’ about their friends and encourage each other. Take a look at your little ones hard at work and play and see if they can tell you some good news about a friend in the class – who has played nicely with them, helped solve a problem, made our class a lovely place to be?

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Super Sounds!

Our challenge this week has been to try and remember our sounds and learn a new one – ‘ch’. We loved watching Geraldine the Giraffe learn to say ‘ch’- hope you enjoy it too!

You’ll see below how brilliantly the children did in thinking of so many words that start with this sound and  we also took part in our very own P1 Chopstick Challenge and had to pick up lots of different objects (our favourites being Cheerios and chocolate!). Hearing the difference between ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ is quite tricky so any opportunities to work on this would be great!

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