Kirkhill Primary School

Our Woodland Adventure!

What an amazing adventure we had in the woods this morning! We learned how to:

  • Play Sticky Elbows
  • Play One, two, three, where are you?
  • Work with a partner to see if we could copy a nature pattern.

We enjoyed a picnic together and Alfie spotted (with his beady eyes!) a magical woodland elf who was watching over us in the woods! We found a note from Bramble Berry, the woodland elf, and she wants us to help her learn lots about Kirkhill.  Being the helpful P1s that we are, we all agreed to take her back to school and teach her all we know!

A HUGE thank you to Grace (a fellow teacher) who took us on our first adventure today, she was super-impressed by our class and is looking forward to meeting us for the next three weeks as we find out more about the woodland and all that lives there!

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A Busy Week!

We’ve had a great week with lots of fun learning going on!

We’ve been outside with our P7 buddies playing, ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’, making our own clocks and learning how to recognise o’clock times.

We managed to collect another 10 pompoms in our class challenge and had a treat of popcorn, watching a little bit of a movie and some choosing time!

We’ve also been working on the sound ‘oa’ and thought of lots of words with this sound in them.

Finally, World Book Day was a huge success! We all loved being part of our House Teams and enjoyed sharing our favourite toys and books with our friends in P6!

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World Book Day!

It’s World Book Day on Thursday and we’ll be taking part in lots of fun reading activities in our house groups. The children don’t need to dress up this year but do need to come to school with their favourite book and toy.  Please be sure to pop your child’s name on their book so we don’t lose them at school!

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Where should we go?

Our new topic will take us on local adventures and help us get to know more about where we live.  Have a chat at home and think about the places your child would like to go (all within a 10 minute walk if possible!) and leave a comment with their ideas! All the ideas will help us shape their learning experiences from now until Easter – can’t wait to hear where we might end up!

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No Uniform TOMORROW!

Mrs Dunbar has been so impressed by everyone’s attitude to coming to school in their uniform and looking so smart, she’s giving us a treat and tomorrow will be a dress down day! Remember we do have PE so need our PE kit and running shoes.

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Lost in Space!

We had fun this week becoming astronauts who were lost in space!  The children used pastel crayons to create a space background for their astronaut and did a brilliant job of remembering the things we might find in space. We’ve got lots of very knowledgeable scientists in our class!

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