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STEM Workshop

Today we had a Science workshop from Charleston Academy S3 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) group and their teacher, Mr Vincent. They did a workshop with us around microscopes. We learnt what each part of microscope is called and how to use them effectively. Skills which will be of use to use when we transition into Charleston. Lots of fun! Why not ask us about it?

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Fact or Opinion?

We have started to look at fact and opinion and when you are being influenced by what you are reading. Today, we wrote a fact and opinion on a piece of paper. We then scrunched it up and engaged with a HUGE paper fight (that Miss Morgan authorised). We threw our paper ‘fact and opinion snowballs’ around the classroom. When Miss Morgan said stop, we opened the paper closest to us and had to distinguish between both comments – which was fact, and which was the opinion?

Lots of fun!


We will be looking at applying this through our text, The Book Thief, soon.

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Litter Problem in Kirkhill and Surrounding Areas

Liam has been concerned for some time about the amount of litter in our local area, and as an active member of our Eco Committee has decided to take action.


We received a letter from Gairloch Primary School on Monday, who have been doing a lot to combat plastic in their surrounding areas. This has spurred Liam on even more to ensure everyone accepts responsibility. Take a look at his excellent and powerful message in the pages below.


We will be organising a community litter pick soon, keep eyes and ears peeled for news of this.


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Things you could say to children to encourage a love of reading


read-2841722_12801) You’ll never guess what I’m reading right now?
2) Tell me what you’re reading now? What’s it about? What made you pick it up? Can you tell me about your favourite illustration?
3) Well, that’s reading too isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be a book! Of course, you can bring your comic or magazine in to show me!
4) I didn’t like it at all either. Why didn’t you like it?
5) I loved it because it made me feel… How did it make you feel?
6) Sometimes if I don’t fancy it, I don’t read either. What else do you like doing?
7) I think you might enjoy this one next…
8) Over the holidays I often re-read books, you can re-read anything you like, whenever you like!
9) OK, so imagine you have one question you’re allowed to ask the poet. What would it be? What about a question for the illustrator?
10) You should go and chat to… I know they like the same books as you too!
11) Why don’t you see if you can pop down to the library at the weekend? They will be able to help you find something you might like. If you can’t, I’ll try and help!
12) Why don’t you try reading it again to your brother or sister (or even a pet!) and see it they like it?
13) My mum often skips pages, especially if she’s reading a crime thriller and there’s lots of description – she says she just wants to get to the action! It’s fine to skip pages! You can even have a peek at the end of the book if you want!
14) I wonder if we can find another book together you might like?
15) Well done for sticking with it – did you feel it was worth it? What did you learn?
16) It’s OK not to understand every single word – I read a book called ‘Jude the Obscure’ when I was a teenager and there were SO many words that washed over me, but I DID understand the story and felt proud when I FINALLY finished it. And pretty devasted too – it was a really sad book.
17) Ooohhh! You know how this part of the story made us laugh? Why was it so funny? Perhaps we could include something like that in OUR writing? Here, I’ll show you how!
18) I wonder why this part made you think of that? Tell me more!
19) It’s fine to put it to one side – I often come back to books when I have more time!
20) I like reading on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket. What about you?
21) Would you recommend what you’re reading to anyone? Who? Why? Why not?
22) Well, if it is too hard to read, we can always read it together or find another one? Or, you could read along with an audio book?
23) Instead of ‘Show and Tell’ at the end of the week, we’re going to have a ‘Book Show and Tell’! You can come up and read us a part of whatever you’re reading – it can be ANYTHING – and tell us why you’re enjoying it OR why you’re not enjoying it!
24) Did any of the characters remind you of other characters you know? One of them reminded me a bit of… Shall I get the book so you can compare them?
25) You like drawing, don’t you? Why don’t you try and copy an illustration from the book or you could illustrate your favourite part of the story?
26) Shall we see what we can find out about the illustrator?
27) I’m struggling to find something to read, actually! Can YOU recommend ME something?
28) Just sit back, relax and enjoy. I’m going to read to you…

📚 Can you think of any more? 📚

Tips take from

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P7 Burn’s Supper

On the 24th of January P7 will be hosting a Burn’s Supper in Kirkhill Primary School hall. This event is an enterprise project that we hope to make a profit from. All children in P7 have important jobs to make sure the event runs smoothly.

The Burn’s Supper will include a traditional Scottish meal of haggis, neeps and tatties. There will also be entertainment by some P7 pupils. We hope you all come and join us with our Burn’s Supper.

Keep an eye out for ticket sales early January. There will be no cost for the tickets but donations towards will be muchly appreciated.

By Calum, Promotions Team

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Planes and Pantos

On Wednesday the 5th  we all made 3D  paper planes by following instructions. We all needed to glue and fold the planes together. We coloured the planes camouflage and put British and French flags on them. It was quite challenging but they look cool.

On Thursday the 6th of December all of Kirkhill Primary School went to see Jack and the Beanstalk at Eden court. We all arrived at Eden Court in three double decker buses. When we arrived we got in a line P1-P7. P7 were sitting at the back with P1. Everyone really enjoyed it. Kirkhill were about 1/3 of the crowd. We all arrived back at school at 16:40.

By Matthew

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Creativity Week

This week we have been having lots of fun doing different activities which encourage our creative sides, including our open-mindedness, curiosity, problem solving and imagination. We have participated in Philosophy, Art and Dance lessons. Today, we had Lorraine, who is a Theatre Arts Practitioner, in to deliver a drama session. We had lots of fun using our bodies and voices to be creative. 

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Digital Privacy

Today in P7, we learnt about our privacy online. We found out what a cookie was and what a third party is in terms of our online life. We then researched the privacy policies for commonly used apps and websites such as Roblox, Fortnite, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram (the school does not endorse the use of these in any way).

We were surprised by what we found out and have learnt a lot today in terms of our digital footprint and our online privacy.

How private are you online? Do you know what a cookie is? Do you know how much of your information is shared with third parties?


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World War Two Homework

WOW Primary7! What a creative bunch you are. All children were given the same instructions and the same task yet the outcomes are so different! We LOVED seeing all of your hard work. Well done!!!


Have a look at our slideshow below 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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