Kirkhill Primary School

World Book Day 2020

Today lots of us dressed up as our favourite book/character to celebrate World Book Day. The House Captains did an amazing job of organising a carousel of activities for the whole school to take part in. We ended the day with a whole school silent reading session (some of the older children read to the infants) in the hall! What fun!


What is your favourite childhood book and why?

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Orkney Scout Trip

On Friday 21st-Sunday 22nd Feb the Kirkhill Scouts went on a weekend trip to Orkney. First, they drove down to Wick where they caught a ferry that rocked  and rolled over to the islands!

Thankfully, they were staying in a scout hall and not outside in the windy weather! There, they met the 2nd Orkney Scout Troop, who wanted to swap neckies with them. Kirkhill Scout Troup, in fact, is said to be the only Scout Troop in the world to have a tartan neckie. After, they set up camp in the hall and got some sleep.

As requested, they were woken up with some rock music, and the girls were first to be up and dancing! Later on, they visited the St. Magnus Cathedral and got a tour of the history there. And remarkably, the bones of St. Magnus were found hidden in one of the pillars just 100 years ago, and are still there, very well preserved, today!

After they crossed the road and went to a museum all about historic Orkney. They found some interesting things, including whale-bone containers, stone tools, and antler combes!

Then they visited The Ring Of Brodgar and nearly got blown away! They got out of the minibus and straight away hats were escaping and people were falling over!

After a short trip in the minibus, they arrived at Skara Brae and visited an actual stone age families house! There were only two beds and the houses were said to hold 8-12 people! They also had a big fire pit in the middle and water tanks to hold things like fish or lobsters. Another main feature was a big shelf that people think they used to put prized possessions or sometimes jewellery on.

After another night in the hall they woke up early and went to the Italian Chapel. It was quite interesting and had very delicately done paintings. Later they stopped at the side of the road and looked out at the sea where they observed the Churchill barriers. Everybody was in awe. Then they rushed back for some lunch and off to St.Magnus Cathedral again for a church service. They sang songs and listened to readings from the bible. They also said a few prayers and then packed their stuff into the minibus and set off for home. The ferry ride back was equally choppy but they made it to the other side. Then it was a 3 hour drive back, but since they had to stop for the toilet and get, quite literally, a crate-full of fish and chips, they ended up getting back at 10 o’clock at night!

Overall, congratulations to Kirsty, Anna, Faith, Hayley, Cameron, Iain, Tom, and Lauchie.


Written by Faith

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Charleston Digital Leaders

Today, Charleston Digital Leaders came in to work with P7 and the Kirkhill Digital Leaders. They did a little quiz and activity on E-Safety and then introduced us to 3 cool websites for digital editing; Canva, Sketchpad and WeVideo. All were really cool and we LOVED our morning. Ask us to show you what we learnt.

In the words of Iain: “This is the best day of school EVER!”

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Our World War Two Assembly

Thanks to everyone who came along to the ww2 event. I hope everyone got fed and watered because we had a lot of people and a lot of food. The p7s enjoyed being up on the stage and we hope you enjoyed being the audience. Thanks to your donations we have a total of £545.44 but we need to see how much profit we have made after we take off our costs like the cooks. We can’t wait to find out our final profit and are so delighted we have covered our costs!

Big thanks, Logan from Promotions Team

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Developing the Young Workforce – My World of Work

In class, we have been using the ‘My World of Work’ website to find out what type of animal we are most like, and what jobs would suit us well. We have researched different jobs which our skills would lend themselves to and have also looked into jobs we like the sound of. Why not discuss this with us at home?


We also linked all of our WWII assembly jobs, to real life jobs and skills needed to make us more employable. I am sure you will all agree, P7 really upped their game and pushed themselves to succeed!

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E-Safety Presentation

Robert Quigley is coming into school to present to parent/carers about e-safety on Wednesday 12th February at 2pm, in the school hall. We would love to see a good turn-out for such an important topic. Please spread the word far and wide! For more information, please see the newsletter.


Safer Internet Day is on Tuesday 11th February, and we will be celebrating this with activities throughout the school for the whole week.


We hope you will join us in striving to equip your children with the knowledge and tools to keep themselves and others safe and happy in the online world.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2020

Today marks 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and today we learnt that  the German Nazis killed 6 million Jews along with other groups of people that did not fit his ‘ideal’ in a between 1933-1945. We learnt that using our voices can make a positive change. We also lit a candle to remember the ones that died.Our class used chalk and paper to draw a candle, you will see more of these at our WW2 assembly on Thursday 6 February 2020.

For more information visit:

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WWII Assembly Update

P7 have still been working their best to get all the details in. It’s been very hard work especially with the costumes and the sound effects.

We will continue until finished. Remember its corned beef hash and you can get a vegetarian option and there will be shortbread for dessert. 

And if you could please give a donation around £5.00 or up per person it would be most appreciated as we are trying to make a profit and have lots of costs to run the event like the food and paying our cooks.

                                                          Big thanks – Promotion Team

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