Kirkhill Primary School

Back to the woods!

It was so nice to be out and about with P1 again! We spotted lots of changes in the woods since we were last there in December! We even found a clue about someone else who has been in the woods this morning, can you remember who?

Today we were thinking about sound and we recorded our own sounds on little recording devices. Some teams recorded sounds of the woods, some teams recorded their own voices and one team managed to record the moment that they spotted a squirrel!

We shared hot chocolate and snacks before exploring and playing together. During this time we were left to come up with our own ideas about what to do. Here are some of the things I spotted!

  • lots of imaginative play and stories
  • some people made more sound recordings – Katie recorded some news for BBC Woods!
  • someone created a soft nest for a clutch of eggs
  • some people invented a game where they made words from sticks and their friend had to read it

Our Everywhere Bears are out and about this weekend! I wonder what they will get up to with Rowan and Sophia!?

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