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Ball Bouncing and Passing

Good Morning Everyone!

Friday has arrived once more!  I hope all the Nursery 4’s have managed to access the Primary 1 Classroom.  This will be a very new and different Transition this year.  You will now feel more part of it all and be getting together as your own little Primary 1 for next year.

Although it is a Transition and the Nursery Team are always here for you, this is the gentle and gradual passing over of our wee ones for the next stage.  So all your Transition activities and contact will be through the Primary 1 Classroom and alongside we will be posting up continued activities on the Blogg, which Miss Haines has arranged for you to access from the Classroom to save you  jumping around for information etc.

As Mrs. Dunbar explained in her Introduction Video, the Nursery Team is still here via your Key worker email should you need us for anything.

Today I have posted an activity all about passing, throwing and catching balls!  All the skills used in this are explained on the sheet.  But it also ties in with the Copy Cats, which again are listening, re-partition plus all the other skills we mentioned.  It links in quite nicely with the fact that we have PE on a Friday morning, so you can have your own version of it at home!  Don’t forget, it is Show and Tell too on a Friday morning, so again, if your child has something they wish to show and tell to you, work that into your morning too.

Have a happy weekend, we are all here for you, should you need us.  Look forward to hearing from you all in some way, shape or form next week.

Best wishes,

Nursery Team

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