Kirkhill Primary School


BIODIVERSITY 2020 – 2021

Chloe in P7 has taken part in the Eco-Schools At Home Activities. She chose to do write a story about the life of a seed. Read it below. Hover over the PDF and click on the little arrow top left to scroll through each page. Isn’t it amazing? Well done Chloe.

Carmen decided to take part in the same activity and has drawn a dandelion, and has written a kind message that can spread, just like dandelion seeds. It certainly put a smile on my face and I am sure the recipient was smiling too! 😀

BIO-DIVERSITY 2019 – 2020

During Lockdown, the pupils have been encouraged to keep up their Eco work at home. Some have chosen to make their own bug hotels (we hear they are 5* establishments).


Bio-Diversity 2017-18

This is part of our ACTION PLAN this year:

Mini- Beasts

We are trying to raise awareness of mini-beasts through the school.  Each class has been learning about and drawing specific mini beasts.

P1 – Spiders, P2 – Ladybirds, P3 – Snails, P4 – Butterflies, P5 – Worms, P6 – Bees & P7 – Dragonflies

Our aim is to make and paint huge wooden mini beasts and put these next to our large KIRKHILL PRIMARY SIGN on our school fence.

We are having an Eco Day on Monday 5th February 2018 focusing on mini beasts, feeding birds, and planting.

Our Eco Day Work


The Finished Mini-beasts


Bio-Diversity 2016-17

All classes regularly do projects on animals and plants.  This year so far P4 has done a project on birds and P2 have done a project on Pets.

The Eco Committee are working closely with the Kirkhill and Bunchrew Community Trust (KBCT). In January both groups spent the day learning about native trees at Reelig Glen.

The Eco Committee are keen to share what they learned about trees with the rest of the school. They are working on their presentations at the moment.

The Gardening group have been learning about worms with the Ranger. They enjoy doing ‘bio-diversity’ treasure hunts in our school grounds too.