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Food Stall.

Good Morning,

Another not so great day – talking about the weather yet again!

This activity is all about playing shops.  Your wee one may be a little young for the money side but maybe work out how far they can count, no further than 10 perhaps and just have that many pennies.  For us, it is really practising the actual counting, they may not yet understand what the number really represents, but that comes in the fullness of time!

Again, if you don’t have time or inclination to set up a shop, that said, it only need be a box of apples, a box of bananas, they will still love it. (In fact you will find it will be the role play they will delight in and having YOU there to play with.)   Maybe go the baking or cooking route and then you have something to eat afterwards which you can discuss!  How much would it cost, what ingredients did you use, is it very healthy?  You get the idea, I don’t need to teach granny to suck eggs! (I actually successfully made empire biscuits for the first time!  Try those.  Children love making pastry.  Give them their own piece to roll out and play with, just a thought, or . . . . make a really big one!)

So whatever you do today, have a good one

Best wishes to you all.

Nursery Team.

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Two Metre Play – Copy Cats

Good Morning,

Today is a little bit of a repeat that we did a few weeks ago but with a wee emphasis on the social distance ruling.  Now, as we know, young children are going to find this near impossible to do, but it doesn’t  hurt to remind them.  We are certainly not going for all out distancing.  At least if they hear it at home, it won’t be so alien to them within the Nursery setting if it needs to be spoken about.  So no pressure here.

Just another link you may find useful, is the BBC Tiny Happy People.  It gives a great deal of help and advice and just chat, to parents on all manner of subjects.  I found it interesting, so it may be worth a scan over if you fancy.

Have a good day everyone.

Best wishes from us three!!

Nursery Team.

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Primary One Classroom

Primary One Classroom.

Just a quick reminder to anyone who hasn’t already logged onto the Primary One Classroom.

If you have technical problems, please email Ms. Haines and she will see if she can send you revised links.

It is part of our Transition, and if we had been at school, the children would have had great opportunity to spend time with Ms. Haines and each other, getting to know the classroom their new teacher and just start to feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

Obviously we can’t achieve that in quite the same way, but Ms. Haines has put up some lovely activities and is there to chat and answer questions from parents/carers and children to make you all feel more at home and part of your new little community that is “Primary One.”  I think you will all enjoy the “togetherness” it brings.

So have a go and join in at whatever level you feel you can, if only just to see the chat and what others are doing.

Kind regards,

Nursery Team.


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I am a Tiger!

Good Morning Big Ones and Wee Ones!

We hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend and yesterday.  The weather is a little cooler for the next few days, but nevertheless summer has arrived and everything is new and green and very soon we will all be able to get back out there!

Today we have a story.  Just the best thing to do at any time.  I haven’t read this one before and I think you will really enjoy the link to the story being told.  Lots of ideas about how to take this further.  One of our (not so wee ones) you will know who you are, just loves The Tiger Who Came to Tea, maybe another one you can find on line to listen to.

Animal stories just capture children’s imagination and there are so many beautiful ones to choose from.  The old Aselops Fables are just lovely, Beatrix Potter and How Much Do You Love Me are just three.  Books, books, books – love them and of course you can get any of these on line to listen to.

So I hope you enjoy this small offering for today.

Thinking of you all.

Nursery Team.

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