Kirkhill Primary School

Open Afternoon!

Thanks to everyone who managed to come along to the Open Afternoon today! If you couldn’t make it along but would like to come in  please let me know.

One of the activities asked the children and their visitors to think about how we could make P1 even better. Here are our ideas…

Everyone sharing and being nice to each other

A swimming pool

Tight rope

More visitors

Everyone being friendly

A computer

Helping each other to feel happy

A slide

Learn how to draw people

A dinosaur house

More PE

I’ll see what I can do to sort out a P1 swimming pool. 🙂

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Our week in P1!

We’ve had another fun week in P1! This week so far we have been…

  • sewing and decorating more felt fish!
  • having a go at writing some numbers correctly
  • exploring our new number rods and discovering lots of interesting ways to use them
  • making ramps, slopes and water slides inside and outside
  • creating obstacle courses for our friends
  • Some of us baked some cakes independently and made a picture recipe book for the class to use if they want to have a go too
  • learning the sounds and actions for g, o and u
  • using the sounds that we have been learning to make new words
  • using  our magic feet to control a ball and dribble it around obstacles

We are off to the woods tomorrow and it will be chilly so please make sure your child is wearing warm layers and has hat and gloves.

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Home Learning

On this week’s home learning I mentioned repeating patterns… We didn’t actually talk about this as much as I had intended this week so if your child looks confused don’t worry! We will do more of it next week!

The lovely Christmas cards have gone home today too. (The only time we get to say the C word until December.) Please return these by next Friday if you would like to place an order. Here is some more information.


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P1 in the woods!

Today we were thinking about how the trees in the woodland disperse their seeds. We reminded ourselves of the parts of tree and learned about how beech and pine spread their seeds around the forest. We also enjoyed hearing about how some plants have evolved to use animals to spread their seeds… can you remember what might happen after a bird eats a juicy bramble?!

We gathered pine cones and beech nuts and used them to help us with our sorting, comparing and counting skills.

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P1 this week!

  • This week a few of us were interested in sewing so we have started making little toy fish. Some of us chose to make a toy for a younger sibling so we have been thinking about how we could make them safe to use.
  • We have also been using delicious satsumas to help with our fine motor skills through peeling them and then we used the segments to explore the Numicon shapes and even ventured into the world of subtraction!
  • We have been exploring number formation with our buddies too.
  • We have also been revising our new sounds c, k, e, h, r, m and d and using them to read and make words.
  • In PE we have been moving safely and using our magic feet to control a ball.
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Our morning in the woods

It was a beautiful day for a journey to the woods. Today we were thinking about trees and we even created our own tree! Can you remember what part of the tree you became? What was your job? What sound did you have to make?  Here are some words to help you…

Heartwood – I AM STRONG!

Roots – Slurp!

Sap wood – Weeeeee!

Leaves – Swish

Phloem – Weeeeezzzooooom


We then went to gather things that we thought came from trees and we created our own tree crowns. We had time to share our snacks in the sunshine and a little time to play before coming back to school.

Thanks to Tania, Lana and Natalie for their support today! 🙂



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No woods today!

Unfortunately Ms Haines will be off again today so P1 will not be going to the woods together this morning.

Thank you to all the parent volunteers who were planning to come along today, come and join us any other week that you’re able.

We have inservice  days on Monday and Tuesday so I’ll see you all on Wednesday morning! Hopefully I might be able to talk by then! 😀 Have a lovely long weekend!

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