Kirkhill Primary School

The tale of the Christmas Tree!

Wow! Primary 1 are amazing! I was so proud of everyone today, you were so professional and enthusiastic. Thanks for all of the support from home and thanks to the lovely Anna who volunteered to help us to transform our class into a bunch of magical, mischievous and merry fairies, elves, trees, musicians and goblins!

Here a few photos from today, please send me any of your best if you were in a good position for pictures!

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What can you do in a minute?

We have been learning all about time in P1! We know that there are 60 seconds in a minute and sometimes a minute can feel like a long time or  a short time!

We have been thinking about all the things you can do in a minute. We learned about estimates and tried to make a sensible guess about what we could do in 60 seconds!

Can you remember the challenges from today?

Can you get someone at home to give them a go too?

Can you think of more challenges you could do around your house? I wonder how many times you can walk up and down the stairs in a minute? How many times can you run from one side of your garden to the other in a minute?

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Woodland Friends!

We had a great end to our Autumn term in the woods. We learned about the geese that we have been seeing and hearing, we had time to play and explore and we all gathered together to celebrate all of the amazing learning that’s taken place in the forest this term.

Can you explain to someone what you learned about geese yesterday? These words might help…

  • migration
  • skein
  • honk
  • magnetic field
  • beak
  • landmarks


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j j j j j j jelly!

Today we learned about the sound j!

We managed to sneak by Susan in the office and make it into the staff room without being spotted! We worked in teams to make jelly and we popped it into the fridge to set. Then we got to enjoy it in the afternoon!

Can you remember all the different instructions we had to follow to make the jelly?

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Christmas Lunch next Wednesday

On the bottom of the homework from last week there is a space to indicate if your child would like Christmas lunch next Wednesday. If your child would like lunch but you haven’t told us yet then please let me know tomorrow morning as we need to to let the kitchen staff know.


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Out in our playground

This week the whole school are focusing on creativity!

Imagination    Curiosity    Open-mindedness    Problem Solving

Yesterday we spent the morning in the school garden! We worked in teams to build structures from loose parts, we wove beautiful shapes from found objects and we learned about fire and helped our Little People to stay warm on a chilly morning.

When we were making our fires we talked about the things that stay the same when we work with fire in school;

  • only the adult uses the fire lighting tool (for now!)
  • you need to stay behind the fire line
  • you only create fires with an adult
  • you always move slowly and calmly around fires

Over the next few terms we will start learning more about fire but this was a great introduction and everyone was very sensible and respectful around the fire. Well done! 🙂 Thanks to Lyla for taking some of the photos!

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The Tale of the Christmas Tree!

This week we have been working hard to learn the words to the songs for our Christmas show! Today we found out what character we will be in the story and what we should try to wear.

You will find a wee slip of paper explaining your child’s role and some costume ideas. Please don’t feel like you need to go out and buy things for their costumes, just use what you already have or borrow from other P1 families. Please let me know if you are finding it hard to get what you need as we can help out.

When you have your costume ready please send it into school in a clearly labeled bag. The show is on Monday 17th so please send costumes in before then so we can have a few dress rehearsals! 🙂

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