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P1 News

We have had some great presentations this week! We should all have something ready to share by the end of next week! We have had a great presentation about a special holiday, a teddy and the birth of a new cousin! A reminder of what I’ll be looking for…

  • speak with a clear voice that everyone can hear
  • look at everyone as I speak
  • sound like I really know my stuff
  • speak for around one minute
  • answer questions from my friends

Carmen has also completed the timeline of her life and we have started a display so if you have made one throughout January send it in and we can share it with the class!

We have begun trying to answer our questions about dinosaurs too! We have been watching video clips for information, researching online with our P7 buddies and looking through books. If your child has any fact books about dinosaurs at home we would love to share them!


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Dinosaurs in P1!

Yikes! Something VERY exciting happened in P1 today! We think a dinosaur used our time machine to travel through time and come into our class! We discovered a big mess and some even bigger footprints! We then found a nest full of eggs. Some of us were a little worried that the dinosaur might still be in school so we went to ask all of the staff if they had seen it. Nobody had so we think it must have used the time machine to travel back to the time of the dinosaurs!

Once we got back to class we decided to investigate the eggs and we each found our own little dinosaur inside!

I wonder what might happen next?

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Our week so far!

This week we have started using the language of subtraction and we have begun solving subtraction problems using Numicon to help us! We have been exploring volume in the water tray and some of us have realised that the shape of the container can effect how much water it can hold. The marble run is back and is providing lots of opportunity for problem solving. We have been thinking about repeating patterns and creating our own.

We read a great story today that helped us to think about how we are all unique. We thought about all of the things in our lives that make us feel wonderful!

Over the last week we have been reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and trying really hard to retell the story. We came up with actions to help us remember some of the interesting vocabulary. Ask your child to retell the story and see what they can remember!

We then began working in small groups to draw the different parts of the story and order them. This was VERY challenging and a really tricky task for primary ones! We are going to work on how we work together and what good team work looks like!

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Our Week!

Week 1 was off to a busy start! We have been building a time machine, adding numbers using numicon, learning the sounds v and ng, adapting and trialing new games in the gym hall, learning about Henri Matisse, learning more about John Muir and creating maps of the willow garden!

We are all very excited about the homework menu for January as it includes the Teach Your Monster to read game! Have a look through all of the activities together and see how many you can complete before February!

We used Google Earth today when we talked about maps and everyone was very keen to look up places they knew, we didn’t have time to do this together so you might want to explore the planet with your child at home using Google Earth.

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A very festive day!

Today we used our brand new fire pit for the first time! We learned about how to light and be safe around fire. Can you tell someone at home some of our safety rules? Here are some questions to ask your child…

…would you ever use matches or a fire striker without an adult?

…how do we sit beside the fire?

…what is the fire circle?

…how do we move when we are invited into the fire circle?

We enjoyed out scoot around the school and our lovely hot chocolate too. All cups should make it home tomorrow! For lunch we all wore our party hats and enjoyed our delicious Christmas Dinner and shared a few jokes. Can you remember a Christmas joke?

We have our party tomorrow, children can change at lunchtime in school or they can go home with you to change at 12.15pm if you would prefer. Just let me know in the morning.

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Thank you!

So lovely to see SO many of you in class with us today! What an amazing turn out! Well done to everyone, you were all fantastic! I’m so proud of all of your hard work, your amazing ideas, your costume and prop design and your incredible acting! Not bad for only 1 week of rehearsing! 🙂

I think this is probably the worst photo taken today but it’s my only one… please send me a better one if you have one!



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P1 News

It starts to get a little busy at this time of year so here are a few reminders about the remaining 2 weeks!

Family Morning in Woods on Friday cancelled – I thought I would make the decision now to cancel the visit to the woods based on the weather forecast for the end of the week. We only had a few parents attend last term so we will save a family visit for better weather in the spring! Please pass this on to your P1 friends as I’m not sure everyone accesses the blog.

P1 Show Tomorrow  -The show is ready! We have worked hard to choose our own costumes, our roles, the songs and the way we want it all to look and we are ready for a real audience! Please come to our class for 2pm! You can take your child home after if you are not planning to stay for the P3 performance in the hall.

Christmas Jumper Day – on Friday your child can wear some thing Christmasy and make a small donation to Save the Children if they wish.

Christmas Lunch – if you have not requested a school lunch your child will need to bring a packed lunch next Wednesday.

Christmas Scootathon – next Wednesday we will be scooting around the school before enjoying hot chocolate around a fire. Please help your child to choose a cup to use for hot chocolate and remind them to bring it into school with their name on it. We will be using the big set of scooters so there is no need to provide your own!

Christmas Party – Your child is welcome to wear their party outfit to school next Thursday but there is a a chance it could look a little ‘worn’ by 1.30pm… I am happy to help your child to change into their outfit at lunch time if you would prefer! We would greatly appreciate donations of pre-packed food for the parties. Please don’t supply anything that has nuts in it.

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A few updates!

Outdoor Learning – After looking at a few weather forecasts P1 have decided not to go to the woods tomorrow. We invite families to join us next Friday for our final trip to the woods this term.

P1 Show – P1 have decided to put on a wee show for our families on Wednesday 11th at 2pm in the P1 classroom. Be prepared to be dazzled by our acting skills and creative costumes…

Christmas Jumper Day – Children are invited to wear a Christmas jumper on Fri, 13th Dec
and can make a small donation to Save the Children. Also Friday 6th and 20th children can come to school dressed in a Christmas theme, accessories, dresses, anything goes……spread the Christmas cheer!

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