Kirkhill Primary School

Our first day in Primary One!

What a lovely morning we have had together! We spent time in our outdoor classroom, we came in to have a play in our inside classroom and we enjoyed having lunch in the canteen together.

We even had time to share what we have enjoyed today and what we could add to the classrooms to make it even better! Some of our suggestions include…

  • more books about cats
  • binoculars
  • bigger paper for bigger drawings
  • more dinosaurs!

Looking forward to having the whole team together on Friday morning!

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Arrangements for tomorrow

I will be back in tomorrow and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who is in!

Most of our work will be shared through the Shared Drive that you all have access to but I will also be sending home some resources that will support learning at home. Login information was shared earlier in the week, if your child has been absent I’ll make sure this information is included in your child’s pack of resources too.

If your child is not in class tomorrow can I please ask that someone collects their child’s resources at 12.05pm tomorrow from school. If you are self-isolating please get in touch, I will get your child’s pack to you somehow!


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Woods tomorrow cancelled

Unfortunately our outdoor learning session at the woods tomorrow is cancelled. Thank you to those who offered their time to help out.

Please can someone repost this on the class Facebook page to make sure everyone gets the message? Thank you!

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Today we began learning about how to light and maintain a small fire. We learned how to move safely around a fire, we used the ‘respect’ position and some of us had a go at feeding the fire more fuel. We then enjoyed our snacks and hot chocolate while sitting around it!

Can you remember what three things a fire needs to burn well? Think about the three sides of the fire triangle!

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Castle Adventure!

What a beautiful day to explore Urquhart Castle! We had a great time with Keith the tour guide. We learned more about the history of the castle, we explored the ruins, we got to have a look at some replica objects and we looked at old artifacts in the museum.

Everyone was really polite and thoughtful again today, it was a real pleasure to be out and about with you all. Have a look through the photos with someone at home and try to remember some interesting facts that we learned today. Can you spot Everywhere Bear?

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Trip tomorrow!

We are off on another P1 Adventure tomorrow! Please remember to help your child make a packed lunch for themselves, help them to remember their school jumper and make sure they are wearing warm clothing and have a waterproof jacket with them.

Thank you to everyone who has offered to come along to help, if I haven’t been in touch then unfortunately it means we won’t need your support this time.


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Back to the woods!

It was so nice to be out and about with P1 again! We spotted lots of changes in the woods since we were last there in December! We even found a clue about someone else who has been in the woods this morning, can you remember who?

Today we were thinking about sound and we recorded our own sounds on little recording devices. Some teams recorded sounds of the woods, some teams recorded their own voices and one team managed to record the moment that they spotted a squirrel!

We shared hot chocolate and snacks before exploring and playing together. During this time we were left to come up with our own ideas about what to do. Here are some of the things I spotted!

  • lots of imaginative play and stories
  • some people made more sound recordings – Katie recorded some news for BBC Woods!
  • someone created a soft nest for a clutch of eggs
  • some people invented a game where they made words from sticks and their friend had to read it

Our Everywhere Bears are out and about this weekend! I wonder what they will get up to with Rowan and Sophia!?

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Thank you!

Oops! I forgot to mention those who gave up their time to help us out today! Thank you to The Two Natalies, Flo, David and Eileen! We couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂

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“Well that was a great adventure, wasn’t it?”

I think that was the best quote of the day! Thank you to everyone for putting in so much effort to be the best that they could be. EVERYONE we met today mentioned what a great class you are and were very impressed with the great choices you were making. It was such an exciting day that by the bus ride home one of our team even had to have a wee power nap!

Here a few photos from the day, can your child tell you what they got up to?

We are already looking forward to our next trip next week! We found out today that we have been awarded the travel subsidy so the trip to Urquhart Castle is officially going ahead! 🙂

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