Kirkhill Primary School

Our last week of term

We’ve had a great week so far exploring numicon, creating our models, building words with magnetic letters, ordering numbers to 2, developing our fine motor skills with play-dough, using money in our class shop and making our own books!

We are really excited about sharing all of our new learning with you tomorrow at our Open Afternoon at 2.30pm. We will all meet outside under the Eco Flag to celebrate our 5th green flag before heading back to the classroom.

See you all there! 🙂

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Sponsored Walk Tomorrow!

We will all be taking part in the Sponsored Walk tomorrow! Here’s a check list (for your child!) so they can get themselves organised!

  • Are you wearing comfortable footwear?
  • Have you got a waterproof jacket on?
  • Have you cut your toenails!? (I’m not joking, long nails have caused issues in the past!) 🙂
  • Have you got a wee snack in your jacket pocket to keep you going? There will be some baking to share at the end of the walk but if you want to bring your own snack please make sure it fits in your pocket!
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Outdoor Learning



Today we were learning all about trees! We started noticing differences and similarities and had a go at naming some different species. We had time to play together and we investigated the big hole in the beech tree by the leaf pit.  Have a look at the photo of our human tree and see if you can remember the different job that each part did!

Lauren was our heartwood! What did she have to do?

What sound did the roots make? What do roots do?

Who was the sapwood? What was their job?

Can you remember who were the leaves? What did they do?

Bark was like the armour! Can you remember what it protected the tree from?



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Forest Fun

Yesterday we spent the morning in the woods together. We had time to play and explore and we shared our snacks together by the gathering tree. We played ‘run and touch’ and had to find things which were man made, natural, living, dead and lots of different colours. Next week we are going to begin learning more about the different trees and plants in the woodland. When we got back to school we had a very calm sketching session as we recorded things that we had noticed in the woods in our nature diaries.

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Does anyone have bees in Kirkhill?

This was one of our Community Explorer questions and today we answered it! Dave the beekeeper came to speak to us and answer some of the questions that we had about bees.

What can you remember about Dave and his bees?

How many hives does he have? 

What does he wear when he opens the hives?

How does he make the bees sleepy?

What do the bees collect when they visit a flower?

How do the bees tell he other bees where to find the best flowers?


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Intergenerational learning in P1!

We were out exploring the community again today! This morning we went along to the coffee morning at the church and met some of the older (and younger!) members of our community. This was a great opportunity to ask questions and listen for information. We were hoping to learn more about Kirkhill’s history and ask some questions about what school had been like in the past. It was lovely to meet so many new people but we also realised that it can be quite tricky to start conversations with people that we don’t know. Everyone gave it a go and showed such confidence and respect. We invited everyone to join the school harvest festival next Monday and we even gave them a sneak preview of our combine harvester song!

Thank you to Scott, the new minister, who allowed us to come along during his very first week in Kirkhill and thank you to everyone who made us feel so welcome.

Do you remember some of the ages of the people you met today?

Can you remember what Scott told us about the bell?

What skills were we practicing today? 

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Outdoor Learning in P1!

Today we had a great time in the woods together! We have discovered the ‘Leaf Pit’ and practiced assessing risk before jumping, rolling and sliding in. Ronan had spotted a tree with a big root that had grown around the trunk and so some of us tried tip toeing around the tree without putting our feet on the ground. We discovered a few little creatures that live in the wood and some of us had a go at gently holding them. We found a ‘Squeezy Tree’ that some of us wanted to climb through. I loved hearing all of the encouragement you gave each other, Malia and Eilidh did a great job of coaching Alice on how to climb through the gap. We came together and all had our snack and a wee drink of hot chocolate to warm us up and fill us up with more energy for pattern making! We collected, named and sorted lots of natural objects before creating our own simple patterns. Before we walked home we sat quietly and closed our eyes and tried to hear 5 sounds around us, maybe you could try this next time you are in the woods together?

When we got back to school we noticed that one of our team had a tick. Please make sure you do a proper tick check on a Monday evening and remove any ticks you discover as soon as possible. Here is a link to a really useful leaflet about ticks produced by Highland Council.

It was great to see so many of you prepared for the changeable Scottish weather today! Lots of you have obviously visited Lidl who have a great stock of kids waterproofs at the moment!

This company is closing down and have a great sale on some super waterproofs, they go up to age 7 so they might fit some of our more smaller learners!

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