Kirkhill Primary School

Thank you for coming!

Your little ones were over the moon to see you all this morning for our Sharing Time; thank you so much for coming! If you didn’t get a chance to fill in a little speech bubble telling your child what you think about all their learning then let me know and I’ll send one home next week. Have a lovely long weekend!

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Enjoy the Break!

Just a reminder that there will be no Home Learning coming home over the February break. Your little ones however are keen to read to you so check their red folders for their latest reading book!

Have a lovely long weekend and we’ll see you back at school on Thursday!

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See you on Friday!

Please pop along to our P1 classroom on Friday at 11.30am to see what your children have been up to this term. They have songs they want to sing to you, animal facts galore and of course their Learning Journeys to share. Hope you can all make it!

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Our Planet Feeds Us!

We’ve all learned so much about our wonderful planet and this week we started thinking about how our planet feeds us! We thought of our favourite foods and where they come from; the land or the sea? We discovered that most of our favourites come from the land!

Over the coming days we’re going to be looking at how far our food travels to reach our plate so if you have any food labels that show the country of origin, please send these into school. See if you and your child can look through some of the food you have at home and on a world map try and find out which food has traveled the furthest to get to your home – leave a comment with what you discovered so we can plot this on our map at school!

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Our new sound…

What fun we had today learning our new sound, oa. We thought of lots of words with this sound in it: boat, soap, coat, road and of course… toast which we enjoyed covered in butter and jam! See if your child can think of any other words with ‘oa’ in them. Leave a comment and earn some House Points!

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The Final Five…

What a way to end our presentations with such super animal experts telling us all about toucans, leopards, sharks and killer whales! The children did an amazing job and again WOWED us with their confidence!

  • Ieuan and Alana thought Logan had a nice, loud voice and was really confident. They thought he knew lots about sharks! Well done Logan!
  • Abby and Braden loved Ieuan’s poster and thought the writing and pictures were great. They also thought he did a really good job of looking at the audience, speaking loudly and sounding like an expert! Wonderful work Ieuan!
  • Ciara and Emily thought Naomi was amazing as she spoke with a loud voice and looked at the audience. They thought she knew lots about toucans and spoke with a voice that made her sound like an animal expert! Brilliant presentation Naomi!
  • Orla and Bethan thought Erin was great and loved that she spoke with a loud voice and looked at her audience as she spoke! Super work Erin!
  • Naomi and Emily loved all the things Abby made for her presentation especially the box with the animals in it. They also thought she was really good at looking at the audience, she sounded like she knew lots of stuff and was just like an expert! Excellent Abby!

Congratulations to everyone in P1 who worked so hard for their first ever presentation in front of an audience. It’s been a wonderful week with everyone excited to share all they’ve been learning at home. A HUGE thank you to our P1 families for all the help you’ve clearly given them – your little ones did you all proud!

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More Animal Experts in P1!

We had another brilliant time this afternoon listening to our presenters tell us all about their chosen animal, its habitat and what we can do to help protect them all. Again, everyone was FABULOUS!

In the words of their classmates…

  • Josh and Sam said that Hudson was really good at looking at us and telling us all about River Dolphins. They said they really liked that Hudson showed us where China and Scotland are on the world map. Really impressive Hudson!
  • Archie and Bethan thought Ciara did a great job and they loved the paw prints on her poster as it made it look amazing. They also loved the way she spoke and that she looked at her audience. Great work Ciara!
  • Erin and Alana thought Orla did an amazing job of teaching us about Tree Kangaroos. They loved her model and thought she spoke so perfectly! Brilliant job Orla!
  • Logan and Hudson loved Alana’s presentation and said her poster was really neat and colourful. They thought she spoke with a loud, clear voice too. Well done Alana!
  • Naomi and Sam thought Braden did a great job and spoke with a loud voice so everyone could hear him. They thought having numbers on his poster was a good idea because it helped him remember what order to say things in. Super presentation Braden!

I can’t wait to see what our final five presenters will share with us tomorrow!

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Animal Experts!

Part of our Home Learning has been to find out about an animal that lives in the ocean or the rainforest and teach our classmates all about it. Today we had our first five animal presentations and everyone did an incredible job!

We worked on the difference between asking questions and giving compliments (which were coming fast and furiously!). Here’s a snapshot of what a few friends thought of today’s presenters…

  • Ciara and Hudson said that Bethan spoke really loudly and clearly and they  liked all the details on her jaguar. They also thought Bethan did a great job of looking at us all as she spoke. Well done Bethan!
  • Abby and Braden thought that Emily was really good at talking loud and clear for us all to hear. They also thought she did a really good job of reading all the information on her super poster! Good job Emily!
  • Emily and Ieuan thought that Josh had a loud , clear voice and Ieuan learned that hunters kill elephants for their tusks which he thought wasn’t right. Super work Josh!
  • Archie and Josh thought Sam did a super job of talking loudly and clearly. They also loved his piranha model and Josh said he thought Sam was a STAR! Great presentation Sam!
  • Bethan and Orla said that Archie talked like he really knew his stuff and that he’d made good choices with his gecko model as the decorations made it look great! Amazing work Archie!

Ask your child what they learned from our presenters today and if they leave a comment, there are THREE House Points up for grabs!

I’m really excited to hear what Braden, Alana, Ciara, Hudson and Orla will be telling us tomorrow!

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Save the Planet!

This week we had a good think about what’s happening on our planet and put our thinking caps on to come up with some great plans to save Planet Earth! We found out some fascinating facts about what we can recycle and drew our own diagrams to show what could happen to glass, plastic and tyres if we chose to recycle them.

See if your child can remember what they learned that made them say, ‘WOW – I didn’t know that before!’

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