Kirkhill Primary School

Thank you!

So lovely to see SO many of you in class with us today! What an amazing turn out! Well done to everyone, you were all fantastic! I’m so proud of all of your hard work, your amazing ideas, your costume and prop design and your incredible acting! Not bad for only 1 week of rehearsing! 🙂

I think this is probably the worst photo taken today but it’s my only one… please send me a better one if you have one!



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P1 News

It starts to get a little busy at this time of year so here are a few reminders about the remaining 2 weeks!

Family Morning in Woods on Friday cancelled – I thought I would make the decision now to cancel the visit to the woods based on the weather forecast for the end of the week. We only had a few parents attend last term so we will save a family visit for better weather in the spring! Please pass this on to your P1 friends as I’m not sure everyone accesses the blog.

P1 Show Tomorrow  -The show is ready! We have worked hard to choose our own costumes, our roles, the songs and the way we want it all to look and we are ready for a real audience! Please come to our class for 2pm! You can take your child home after if you are not planning to stay for the P3 performance in the hall.

Christmas Jumper Day – on Friday your child can wear some thing Christmasy and make a small donation to Save the Children if they wish.

Christmas Lunch – if you have not requested a school lunch your child will need to bring a packed lunch next Wednesday.

Christmas Scootathon – next Wednesday we will be scooting around the school before enjoying hot chocolate around a fire. Please help your child to choose a cup to use for hot chocolate and remind them to bring it into school with their name on it. We will be using the big set of scooters so there is no need to provide your own!

Christmas Party – Your child is welcome to wear their party outfit to school next Thursday but there is a a chance it could look a little ‘worn’ by 1.30pm… I am happy to help your child to change into their outfit at lunch time if you would prefer! We would greatly appreciate donations of pre-packed food for the parties. Please don’t supply anything that has nuts in it.

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A few updates!

Outdoor Learning – After looking at a few weather forecasts P1 have decided not to go to the woods tomorrow. We invite families to join us next Friday for our final trip to the woods this term.

P1 Show – P1 have decided to put on a wee show for our families on Wednesday 11th at 2pm in the P1 classroom. Be prepared to be dazzled by our acting skills and creative costumes…

Christmas Jumper Day – Children are invited to wear a Christmas jumper on Fri, 13th Dec
and can make a small donation to Save the Children. Also Friday 6th and 20th children can come to school dressed in a Christmas theme, accessories, dresses, anything goes……spread the Christmas cheer!

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Into the woods!

It was a lovely crisp morning in the woods today! Mr Welsh was teaching us all about Saint Andrew and together we made saltire flags from sticks. We used lots of measure language and explored how to compare our sticks.

Someone discovered a ladybird on a beech tree and we found out about what ladybirds do over the winter.

Can you remember? How many spots does a Scottish ladybird have?

Looking forward to seeing all who can make it at the Christmas Fayre tomorrow!


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Primary One this week!

We have been exploring Science, Technology, Expressive arts and Music this week!

We solved a problem by designing and creating bridges and boats for animals trapped by a flood.

We have created coil pots from clay and have been thinking about how technology has changed.

We discovered lots of new information at the P6 Science Fair.

We explored rhythm and rhyme with Miss Kennedy.

We used a sewing machine to create bags for our Winter Cones that we are going to sell tomorrow.

We worked as a team to produce a finished product ready for the fayre.

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Next Week

Next week we will be taking part in Technology Week and Miss Kennedy, Mr Welsh and I have lots of exciting activities planned! We were hoping you might be able to help us with a few resources. Please bring in empty milk cartons and small cardboard boxes for a design project.

We are also making something festive to sell at the Christmas Fayre next Saturday. Would anyone like to dehydrate some orange slices for us?! We will be doing some in class together but back up would be gratefully received!! This would be a great video to watch together, see if your child can verbally explain the stages to you as you watch it.

Book Bug Bag – did anyone go home with 2 this week?!

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Icy decorations!

Bramble Berry has been a little confused about the strange white stuff that is sticking to the grass, trees and and bird table outside our window. We told her about how water changes to ice when it gets really cold and we even discovered what we call the number before 0! Can you remember?

We are making some icy decorations to hang outside our classroom, we know they will only work if it’s another night of minus temperatures. Fingers crossed for another freezing night! Maybe you could make your own before you go to bed tonight?

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P1 this week!

What a week! This week we have been…

building with our new construction set

thinking about kindness and raising awareness of anti-bullying week by wearing our odd socks

estimating and checking different amounts

learning about the movements of the earth and moon around the sun

investigating the frost and ice in the willow garden

learning the sounds j and ai

learning  about squirrels, dreys, predators, prey and habitat loss in the woods

showing respect towards nature by standing SILENTLY for ages to watch two squirrels playing beside us!

Thanks to everyone who came along on a cold, wet November evening for our literacy and numeracy workshop!


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Christmas Fayre – Saturday 30th November 11am to 3pm

Please come and join us on Saturday 3oth November at our Christmas Fayre!

Each class is making a hamper for the fayre and we are still looking for donations for these.

Nursery/P1 – Chocolate

Primary 2 – Christmas

Primary 3 – Baking

Primary 4 – Gardening

Primary 5 – Cosy Night In

Primary 6 – Beer

Primary 7 – Spa


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