Kirkhill Primary School

Our week in P1!

This week we have been:

  • asking questions about the humans body and beginning to find out the answers to them!
  • enjoying our new hospital role play area
  • listening carefully to a podcast about Chinese New Year and recording information to help us answer qauestions
  • learning about the alphabet and alphabetical order (watch out for the l m n o p part of the alphabet song! :-))
  • taking part in a yoga session
  • learning from experts about how to look after rabbits
  • getting to know the human skeleton a bit better
  • exploring the Numicon shapes and using them to make and understand teen numbers
  • taking part in an unplanned Floss Battle which soon became a Rap Battle! Thanks Robbie and Alice!
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A plea for resources!

We have set up a wee hospital role play area in the classroom! I was wondering if any of our parents who work in the medical profession might be able to donate a few things to make our hospital feel more realistic?

We have also completely worked through our supply of wood for the wood working bench and so we have decided to write some local joiners to ask for scrap wood. Does anyone have a link to a joiner or carpenter locally? We could send a hand written letter and tug at their heart strings… We are looking for small blocks in different sizes really, planks are useful but the blocks have been the most popular.

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Our week so far!

This week we have been…

  • learning about rolls and balances in the gym hall
  • recognising and using the sounds y and oo
  • making paper from recycled paper with our nursery friends
  • programming our little robots to follow paths
  • adding together two groups even when one is hiding!
  • preparing and enjoying a tasty snack… y y y yoghurt!
  • retelling well known stories using words, actions and then pictures on a storyboard
  • discussing how to be safe online
  • experimenting with animation
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It was an exciting morning in the woods today! We have experienced the woods in lots of weathers but today it was definately the snowiest! It was great to see that almost everyone was warm and waterproof today.

Today we split into three teams and completed mini orienteering activities, we had to follow instructions, directions and work out riddles to find the red markers in the right places. It was good to keep moving and to explore new parts of the woods.

This afternoon we worked in wee teams to write about some of the photos that we took and we created some poems. Look at these amazing descriptions!

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Oh what a night!

What a great night we had last week! We couldn’t have asked for better weather for star gazing, we could see so many constellations even without the telescope! We all got to see Mars, a star nursery and the Andromeda Galaxy through the big lens.

Thank you so much for supporting this evening trip and thank you to the parents who braved the cold and stayed to help out.

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Look up at the sky NOW!

If you look up towards the moon right now you will see  Jupiter on the right of it and  Venus on the left! One of our big space questions was, “can you see the planets from earth?”.

Let’s hope that the skies are this clear for our star gazing tonight!

See you all in the bottom left of the Culloden Battlefield carpark at 6.15pm! Remember to wear A LOT of layers!

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Mars Landers!

Today we worked in teams to design and a create a lander that would safely deliver a rover to the surface of Mars.

We learned about the technology that NASA has used to get the rovers on Mars and we used this new knowledge to help us design and create a lander of our own.

Can you tell someone at home…

About the technology NASA used to land  Curiosity on Mars?

What equipment you were given?

What did we use as our rovers?!

What were the main features of your design?

Did your lander deliver the rover safely?

What would you change about your lander?

I think you can tell from the team photos which lander successfully delivered the rover to Mars! 🙂

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No woods tomorrow!

P1 will not be going to the woods tomorrow. We will be learning outside in the playground instead so a warm jacket, hat and gloves should be enough!

Please can someone post this message on the P1 Facebook page? 🙂

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