Kirkhill Primary School

Holiday Adventures!

I’ve been hearing all about our plans for the holidays! I wonder if you can work out which one you’re supposed to be joining in with!? 🙂

Have a great break and enjoy some special time together, this has been a long term and they all deserve a rest! See you all on Tuesday 23rd April!

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Family Morning in the Woods!

We had a class of woodland tour guides today! We got to share our Monday morning with some of our families this morning. We played a game of ‘123 Where Are you’, had a go at some of the activities that we’ve taken part in over the last few weeks, shared our snack and hot drinks, read out our senses poems and then we got to enjoy Big Play together!

Thanks to everyone who managed to come along today! It’s so nice to see everyone getting stuck in and enjoying learning outdoors with us!

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Family Morning in the woods

We’re very excited about sharing our learning with you all in the woods on Monday morning! It would be great if everyone could meet at school around 9am and then walk with us  before taking part in some activities, having a snack and then heading back to school. I’m happy for younger siblings to join in but the track is a bit muddy and narrow so very young ones would need to be carried. We will be back at school by 12pm at the latest.

It would be great to have a rough idea of numbers so please comment on this blog post if you are hoping to join us!

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Wow! There was a very pungent smell wafting from P1 today! We used our wild garlic to make delicious garlic bread and a very green pesto for our pasta!

We were all very confident using knives, mixing ingredients, washing the garlic, sharing tasks and tidying up after ourselves!

Can you look at the photos together and talk about how we created our delicious garlic themed menu? Maybe you could try to recreate it sometime soon?

(Apologies for the extremely strong smell coming from your child today!)


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Foraging in the Wood

Today we went on a bit of journey! We walked down to the badger sett and looked around for signs that the badger cubs had been out and about. We spotted an entrance to the sett that had been recently dug out but we didn’t find a latrine or any prints this time. We met Simon the farmer who warned us that the badgers had been digging down into the Lovat ditch that runs through that part of the wood, they have created deep holes in the ground full of water so we all know where they are now and how to avoid them. If your child takes you to the sett make sure they point out these risks and allow them to explain it to you.

We gathered together among the beech trees and noticed that there are some new smells in the woods at this time of year! We learned how to spot wild garlic and we all had a wee taste. It was quite a strong flavour but most of us quite liked it! We know that you should never eat things that you find growing unless you are with an adult who can help you to identify it. We gathered some wild garlic with our partner to take back to class and we’ve already got lots of ideas about what we could make with it!

Thanks to Hayley and Stan for joining us today!

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Some exciting post for our families!

Today we developed our families trough drama and then created a family portrait. We have some really interesting and diverse families developing and some great storylines too!

A very exciting letter arrived as our families were having breakfast… Can you tell someone at home what we received?


Do you have any ideas about where you would like to go? We know that we could go ANYWHERE and that we should try to go somewhere really interesting where we can learn lots of new things.

How do you want to travel there? We talked about making the best choices about travel and we know that air travel impacts on our environment. Some people thought they might even cycle really far as part of the adventure!

What do you want to do when you get there? What do you want to learn? Do you want to visit volcanoes? Historic places? See animals in their natural habitat?

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Spring in the Forest!

What a lovely morning we’ve just had! We noticed so many new signs of spring and Ms Haines even felt a little warm in the woods! (You all know how many layers I wear every week…)

We were very lucky to have Lauren’s dad with us who just so happens to be a tree expert! Brian had prepared an amazing experience to help us all learn more about trees. We are all now the proud owners of some very small and special saplings. Can you remember what kind of tree you were given?

scots pine   rowan   silver birch   alder   hazel   oak

We are planning to care for these saplings for a little while before planting them somewhere special. We all need to do a bit of research to discover how to care for them and the best place to plant each of the different types. We thought that some people might like to plant their own at home, some might be planted around the school and we might plant some in Lauren’s wood. Some of us thought that we could start looking around for places around Kirkhill that might benefit from a beautiful tree. We know that we would need to ask the landowners permission first though.

Thanks again to Brian for preparing and resourcing everything today, it was a great experience for them. I just overheard a group of P1s excitedly telling Mrs MacKenzie about what they learned in the woods this morning and what kind of tree each of them are going to look after. 🙂

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