Kirkhill Primary School

Robotic Fun!

On Wednesday we went to the GP Room and had some technology fun. We programmed and controlled some little round robots called Sphero Balls. The robots changed into very bright and beautiful colours. We had to be very careful that we did not drop the tablet or the robot. It was really exciting and we did get a bit too noisy!!

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Kitchen Safety

We were looking for dangerous things in the play kitchen. We were pretending to be Safety Inspectors, so we had to wear hi-vis jackets and make notes using our clip boards. We had to make sure that we didn’t trip over the dangerous things.  Then we had to set traps for the next group to find!  We also had to do a piece of work about hot things in the kitchen.  We had a great learning afternoon!

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Walking and the woods

Yesterday we went on a very long Sponsored Walk. We wore some bedtime clothes and our wellies. We walked from school all the way to the Bog Roy Inn and back again. Before we went back to school we went to have our snack in the woods. Then we played in the woods and made dens using good teamwork.It was tiring but great fun.

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