Kirkhill Primary School

Fairground Rides

First we chopped wood into 15 cm pieces. Then we glued them together (but later it broke so we put LOADS of glue on and it worked). Then we cut out right angles and glued them on to hold it together.

The next day we measured out 11 cm pieces and cut the wood, then glued it on so it made a cube shape. We glued the right angles to it. We left them to dry over night.

The next day we got a cardboard circle and a pizza plate and some people got sticks. Other people used other things. Then we made the circuit with a motor and glued the motor to the wood to make it go around.

We decorated it and some people put on sides to cover the circuit.   Then we decorated it with gems and glitter then we put a sign on it.

By Sarah and Anna















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Food Miles

P5 are learning about food miles in class. We brought in food wrappers and are decorating our board with them. Then we used string and attached it to the food wrapper and the country it came from. Also we labeled the wrappers and wrote how many miles it traveled and which country it came from. By Faith

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Culloden Battlefield Trip

Dear Friends,

I have been asked to update our blog so that all of you can see what we have been up to in recent days. It really has been a busy start to the school year and I hope that the pupils can take on this role in the coming months. Meanwhile, here are a few photos from our trip to Culloden Battlefield two weeks ago.

Mrs. Kent

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Harvest Celebration

Primary 5 hosted a Harvest Celebration and invited some of the local people for some teas and coffees. All the classes came and gave a performance for the elderly.  Maddie and Ella sang a Gaelic song.  Before the Festival we got people to bake some cakes and,biscuits and provide lots of other goodies for the festival.  At the Harvest Celebration some people received hampers full of goodies, fruit and flowers.  It took a lot of effort to put the Festival together but we did it in the end.

Written by Kirsty

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African Visitors

Primary 5 have being learning about Africa. On the 12 of June some visitors came from Morocco, The Gambia and Tanzania. Asma from Morocco came and read some stories in French then Arabic. The French one was about a bunny that he didn’t like carrots anymore. The Arabic one was about a monkey who could’t find his mum. There were children that came too, one baby and a girl and a boy twins . When we spoke, sometimes they did not understand what we said. We had a great time .

By Bianca and Katie

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African Cooking

Today we made African food. Plantains are like bananas but harder. First we fried them in vegetable oil or coconut oil. We waited 5 minutes then flipped them over and waited another 5 minutes.Then we put seasoning on them.

by Lauchlan And Calum

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Today we practiced tennis. We tried to hit a ball into a hoop to our partner who was on the other side of the hoop. Then our partner hit it back.We also played Prisoner where you get two lives. You have to hit it over the net but keep it in the court while making sure that the people on the other side did not catch your ball. We also played Around the World where you have to hit it to the other side.
By Charles and Caley

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Science Workshop

On the 11th of May we got a visit from Alex and Lee. We where learning about electricity and how it is made. It was very interesting because they made it fun. We learned how wind turbines and gas stations work. It was amazing!

By Bianca and Eden

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We have been starting to learn about the fifty four countries of Africa. We had to pick our own country and do a mind map of our own country. Our class had to pick a animal from their own country and draw  it. They look good!

Baxter and Joshua

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Welcome to the Fairground!



Well done to everyone working so hard to make a fairground ride this week. There were some technical challenges and disappointments- but in the end everyone was successful in making a model fairground ride. I managed to get most of you photographed before the bell went, but if your picture is not here today, it will be tomorrow.

Well done everyone!
Mrs Kent

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