Kirkhill Primary School


This afternoon we have been busy learning about volcanoes for our topic on natural disasters.

We found some extraordinary facts, for example, there is an underwater volcano taller than Everest!

You can find out more using the links at the bottom of this post.

We also created our own volcano paintings inspired by the artist Nick Rowling.

Earth – tectonic plates

How volcanoes are formed


Volcanic Scotland

BBC Volcanoes

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Satellites and Space X

P6 had a great time this morning learning more about space, especially the history of space travel. Lauchie’s dad was able to help us to understand more about space rockets and satellites and their purpose. It was excellent to have things explained so clearly.

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Symmetry tiles

We are working on creating symmetrical pictures using our names.



Firstly we practised writing our name on the folded triangle.  When we had it right we wrote our name on the first triangle in a forward direction.  Then we black penned over our writing and we traced it onto the other 3 triangles.  Next we black penned over all the triangles.  Finally we coloured in the letters then coloured the background so it was all symmetrical.

I found it interesting… to look down on it and it looked weird and you could see lots of shapes.

I found it tricky… tracing the letters.

By Lydia

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Fairburn 2017


Last week on Wednesday we went to Fairburn and had loads of fun.

We took part in archery, walk on water and raft building.
In archery we got split into groups and took part in a compitition to see how many points each team could get.

Walk on water was ace, we had so much fun. Just look at our photos 🙂




Our last activity was raft buiding.

We got ready and went to the lake and had to build a raft. We built the raft and then got to ride on it!! It was lots of fun and we all fell in to the water and got wet!! 🙂

Finally we alll got changed and went back to school . When we got back Emiy W played music.
We had a great day!

by Angus & Emily M

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P6 Homework Information issued for 27th January 2017

This is our first attempt at sending out Primary 6 (P6) homework through the web. The children will either decide to print off their homework or write the answers and appropriate weekly spelling list into their homework jotters.

Remember to bring completed homework to school on Thursday, 2nd February in morning registration.



270117 Homophones Spellings

Homework 27.01.17

270117 Suffixes

270117 Prefix

Wk Bg Jan 30th 17 copy

Boggle Grid C

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