Kirkhill Primary School

Science Fair

We had a fantastic 2 days showcasing our experiments to parents and the other classes. Everyone was delighted with all the hard work the children had put in . We were all pretty tired yesterday having taught Nursery – P4! Thankyou for all the support we had with baking our science themed treats.

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Mad Scientists at large in the P6 class

We had a fabulous afternoon mixing yeast with sugar and warm water in our “test tubes”. We placed balloons over the neck of the test tubes and watched as reaction took place creating a gas which started to inflate our balloons. Please add to our comment sections if you can “Name that Gas”  . The class did smell a bit like a brewery by the end of the afternoon!

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Fairtrade cafe and assembly

P6 held a Fairtrade cafe and assembly on Monday afternoon and it was a great success.

We all enjoyed sitting with our families, chatting and sharing our facts about Fairtrade.  We also enjoyed some delicious baking made with Fairtrade ingredients.

Thank you to everyone that helped; setup, bake and tidy up.  It was much appreciated.

Thank you also you the donations for our free raffle.

We hope you enjoyed the afternoon and you will try to put some Fair in your break.

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We have been learning about earthquakes as part of our topic.  Today we made model structures to see if they would stay standing during a quake.

We used cocktail sticks and marshmallows and created structures of all shapes and sizes.

Our strongest structures had triangles in them.

The taller we built them the more likely they were to wobble or topple.

Hexagon base worked well for a taller structure.

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Avalanche Experiment

Primary 6 were learning how avalanches are caused. Weak layers of unstable snow give way when stronger layers of snow form on top.

We recreated the weak layers using rock salt and coconut and the strong layer was flour. We tipped the slope to an angle of approx. 38 degrees and watched what happened. The total contents slid off! We were hoping to see a slab give way as you would see in a real avalanche.

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Volcanic Eruption

Today we made our own model volcanoes and did an experiment to make them erupt.

We built our models from old plastic cups/ tubs and created a volcano from foil. Next we painted our volcanoes.

For the experiment we mixed 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda with 1 cup of vinegar and some red food colouring.  We watched as the mixture bubbled, grew and spilled over the volcano just like lava.



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