Kirkhill Primary School

Planes and Pantos

On Wednesday the 5th  we all made 3D  paper planes by following instructions. We all needed to glue and fold the planes together. We coloured the planes camouflage and put British and French flags on them. It was quite challenging but they look cool.

On Thursday the 6th of December all of Kirkhill Primary School went to see Jack and the Beanstalk at Eden court. We all arrived at Eden Court in three double decker buses. When we arrived we got in a line P1-P7. P7 were sitting at the back with P1. Everyone really enjoyed it. Kirkhill were about 1/3 of the crowd. We all arrived back at school at 16:40.

By Matthew

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Creativity Week

This week we have been having lots of fun doing different activities which encourage our creative sides, including our open-mindedness, curiosity, problem solving and imagination. We have participated in Philosophy, Art and Dance lessons. Today, we had Lorraine, who is a Theatre Arts Practitioner, in to deliver a drama session. We had lots of fun using our bodies and voices to be creative. 

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Digital Privacy

Today in P7, we learnt about our privacy online. We found out what a cookie was and what a third party is in terms of our online life. We then researched the privacy policies for commonly used apps and websites such as Roblox, Fortnite, Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram (the school does not endorse the use of these in any way).

We were surprised by what we found out and have learnt a lot today in terms of our digital footprint and our online privacy.

How private are you online? Do you know what a cookie is? Do you know how much of your information is shared with third parties?


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World War Two Homework

WOW Primary7! What a creative bunch you are. All children were given the same instructions and the same task yet the outcomes are so different! We LOVED seeing all of your hard work. Well done!!!


Have a look at our slideshow below 🙂

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SNAG Fruit and Vegetable Try

On Tuesday 27th November, our P7 class set up stalls with fruit and vegetables. We did this for  P4’s SNAG (Scottish Nutrition Action Group) and our continent was Europe. We researched countries and foods that came from that country. We then prepared our foods and the school came down to the hall to try them. There were tables laid out with different countries, we painted flags and put them on the tables so when people came they would know what country it is. The children that came got a passport and when they came round to a table they got a stamp. We hope everyone enjoyed it.

By Lennox


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Technology Week in P7

We had two visitors during Technology Week. One from UHI STEM Hub on Tuesday and the other from Mr. Richards with S5s and S6s from Charleston Tech Department on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Mrs Conroy did some circuits with us, we had one set between two. We had a little booklet to try copy different circuits.  Samantha came in as well and we did electric caterpillars which you had to programme. She also did a thing where we had different fruits that were connected to crocodile clips and we had to act as conductors to play the piano through the computer (ask us about this as it is very confusing to explain). We had lots of fun!

This week we have been creating a moving toy with cam. We have created the model by following clear instructions and working together as a team. On Wednesday, Mr Richards and the S5s and the S6s came in and helped us finish our moving toy with a cam mechanism. They also taught us about electrical circuits. They did a PowerPoint and told us what it is like to be in the technology department in Charleston. We have had a very busy but brilliant week!

Our moving toys will be on display next week during Parents’ Evening/Afternoon.

By Bianca and Alison

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This week our task is to create a moving toy with cam. Firstly we had to plan our circuit and design idea and then we began creating the box to support the cam mechanism and our toy. Tomorrow we have Jonathan Richards (Technology dept) from Charleston and some S6 pupils coming in to help put the cam mechanism in place. Ask us about our learning journey.


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Remembering through Art

In P7 we have been doing Pointillism, which is a different form of art. Pointillism is made up of a load of dots. When Pointillism is completed correctly it looks very effective from a distance. We looked at artist Georges Seurat for inspiration.

We have based our pointillism on Remembrance because it has been 100 years since WW1 ended. We have been remembering the hundreds and thousands of people who have risked their lives so the people of Britain can live happy and peaceful lives. We hope you enjoy some examples of our work.

By Calum MacRae

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