Kirkhill Primary School

Golf Taster Session

Today we have a golf taster session from the Muir of Ord golf club. They taught us some of the basic skills required for golfing and we got a chance to have a shot of some clubs and learn new skills and techniques. All children have taken an information poster home with information should they wish to join up. A big thank you to the Muir of Ord golf club for engaging with children in school’s, a super initiative!

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P7 And P6 Road Safety Visit

On the 13th of March we did a road safety workshop on how to stay safe on the road. They did an interactive play as well testing our knowledge on road safety. Overall P6 and P7 found the workshop funny at some parts and interesting. Remember to keep safe on the roads and pavements. They showed us how far it would take a car travelling at 30mph in the perfect conditions to stop. It was shocking!

By Rico and Matthew

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Writing and Recording Radio Broadcasts

In class we wrote our own radio broadcasts about how orangutans in Sumatra need our help! What do you think, are they informative and persuasive?

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Generation Science – Good Vibrations

Today we were lucky enough to participate in a super workshop with Generation Science all about sound and how it is created. We learned lots of cool stuff…


“Sound can move through solids. The particles are closer together so the sounds travels faster.” – Emma H

“I didn’t expect much from the final song we created but it was better than I expected. I thought it was going to be a bit boring.” – Liam

“The ear drum receives vibrations and sends them to the brain.” – Angus

“To make sound something has to vibrate.” – Marco

“Sound can travel through liquid and gas. It travels faster through liquid as particles are closer together. A good example is how blue whales communicate.” – Cameron

“The human vocal chords were to nice to see.” – Liam

“You can make sounds yourself.” – Emma

Ask us about the elbow experiment, we found that pretty amazing!

Thank you to Meg and Craig for coming in and teaching us all about sound!

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The Storehouse –  My World of Work

The Storehouse from near Dingwall came into our class to talk to us about our future work. It was all about trying new things. To get this message across, we had 14 different foods placed in front of us and we had to guess what they were and if we did get all of them correct we would win a free meal for our whole family. But sadly nobody got them all correct. They were delicious. The skill we took away from this experience was to always try new stuff and if you don’t get something right at first you can always try again. But the class and I can all agree the food was the best part. Thank you to Quintin for giving us this experience.

By Calum

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Yesterday the SSPCA came in to our class to talk to us about animal safety and how to keep animals happy. Then we had to build robots in the form of ‘Caitlin the chicken’ and we had to use our skills as a team to build it. We had to answer questions about animal safety and also animal welfare. If we got one right then we got to fit a piece onto the chicken then we had to use our programming skills to make her move and also make her make sounds. We all really enjoyed it and we would love Vanessa to come again. We then went over that a real chicken would not do what we want it to as it is a wild animal and goes into flights or fight mode if it is frightened. 

Thank you to Vanessa from the SSPCA for a fun and informative workshop.

By Angus

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My World of Work Live (Digital Studios)

On Monday P7 went to WOW (World of Work) Inverness and did 2 workshops to do with science and technology. We learnt about our skills and how these could be used in real jobs.

First we did a Lego renewables workshop. We had to build a strong structure for our wind turbines. We figured out that the blades on the wind turbines had to go a certain way to make it go faster. We found this very interesting and asked some very interesting questions.

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After lunch we did a workshop on DNA. We took  DNA from a strawberry (as you will see below)! Which was very cool!!! We learnt about the different jobs in a lab.

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We would like to thank  Ashley from My WOW and Dr. Evelyn Gray from the STEM Hub at the UHI.

By Bianca and Emily M

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Developing the Young Workforce with Robertson Group

On January the 31st, we had Jade come and she taught us about a company called Robertson Group. Within this huge company, is a construction firm who build houses, schools and hospitals. We learnt about the opportunities the construction industry has. Jade was here to help develop our skills for life and work. She told us about the skills we learn in school and how important they are for our future. We had to design a tower which would make a profit and figure out which designs would be better for making profit. We had to create a tender sheet and hand it in by a certain deadline (which put us under pressure) and had to work as a team. We all enjoyed the experience and it was interesting as we learnt more about ourselves. Thank you to Robertson Group for coming in.

By Liam and Calum P7

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This week we have also been undertaking quizzes to determine which animal we are best represented by. Ask us what animal we are and why.


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P7 Burns Supper 2019

Wow! What an experience. P7 were absolutely amazing and entertained a huge crowd last night. The organisation and time they put into the evening was huge and everyone had their part to play to ensure all ran smoothly. We hope you all had an incredible evening. We have calculated our total income and our costs and have a rough idea of the profit we have made. Ask us 🙂


We will be completing a Key Assessment Task based on our experience and the skills we have developed which will support us in our future life and work. This will come home soon and will include some more photos for you all to see!


Thank you to all staff and parents who made this evening such a huge success!

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