Kirkhill Primary School

Copy Cats

Good Morning,

Today’s activity may seem, on first glance, to be very quick.  However, with a little imagination it can be worked into all areas of your day.  The skills required to play this game will be useful and revisited many times by your child in their journey through life and school.

At the foot of the page it mentions “Simon Says” which is lovely because we had started to learn this game in Nursery.  Simple to adults but a tricky concept to children, with skills to learn such as listening, watching, co-ordination and of course it is a very social game too.  So maybe when we return, it would be great to see if your wee ones have got the idea of it.

You could also take the game on to activities, maybe washing a beaker or a household chore they could copy.  You might get some jobs done that way!!

Have a happy day my lovelies – we miss you all very much.

Best wishes,

Nursery Team.

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