Kirkhill Primary School


Digital Leaders 2020/2021

Our new Digital Leaders underwent a grueling application process. They had to apply and were then offered an interview. The interview consisted of a number of questions and out successful applicants answered with lots of new ideas and an enthusiasm to learn. Well done to you all!

P5 – Sam, Logan and Jack

P6 – Kaitlyn and Harry

P7 – Ronnie, Isaac and Gabriel


Chromebook Support Sheet

Two of our Digital Leaders; Murdo and Rosie, have been testing out a little Chromebook Support Sheet for us today. On this sheet is guidance to help you get Text-to-Speech on your Chromebook, use voice typing, add a tinted screen and make your screen brighter/duller. These should help support particular children in accessing their learning more easily.


Charleston Digital Leaders

Today (21st February 2020), Charleston Digital Leaders came in to work with P7 and the Kirkhill Digital Leaders. They did a little quiz and activity on E-Safety and then introduced us to 3 cool websites for digital editing; Canva, Sketchpad and WeVideo. All were really cool and we LOVED our morning. Ask us to show you what we learnt.

In the words of Iain: “This is the best day of school EVER!”

2019 –  2020 Digital Leaders

Congratulations to our Digital Leaders for this session. 

P5 – Lewis, Jude and Will

P6 – Murdo and Rosie

P7 – Ribhinn, Kirsty, Cameron, Sarah G, Iain and Archie


More Chromebook Rollout

Chromebooks are out and the Digital Leaders have been busy helping ensure everyone is up and running. An exciting time.


Chromebook Rollout

Our P7 Digital Leaders have been getting the Chromebooks ready for the classes.


We have been experimenting with Sphero which is a digitally controlled robot. We connect it to the Chromebooks and can control it through programming it to change colour, make noises, drive in a certain direction and lots more! We used them as a part of our Children in Need day as well. All children LOVED them. We will be having lots more opportunities to use them in the near future. They are great fun and we will be giving parents the opportunity to see them on Parents’ Evening/Afternoon. Look out for our table near the front door!


Helping in P4

The Digital Leaders have been helping P4 login to the Chromebooks and use Education City to support their learning in Numeracy and Maths.


Kirkhill Primary Digital Leaders 

Well done to the following children who have made up Kirkhill’s first ever Digital Leader team. They have been working behind the scenes to prepare for our Chromebook rollout (information to follow), have been helping in P4 and using digital robots (Spheros).

P5 – Murdo and Rosie

P6 – Ribhinn, Kirsty, Cameron, Sarah G and Archie

P7 – Liam and Emily W