Kirkhill Primary School

Digital Citizenship in Kirkhill

Safer Internet Day 2021

We are delighted to be supporting Safer Internet Day 2021. All children will be engaging with this whether we are still learning online, or in school.


360 Degree Safe Scotland and Digital Schools Award Scotland

We are always striving to improve out own practice through professional development and involving the children in the constantly evolving journey to keeping ourselves and others safe online. We continually use the 360 Degree Safe Scotland and Digital Schools Award progressions to support us with this.


Be Internet Legends – A Live Assembly by Google and Parentzone  (02.11.20)

UNCRC Articles 17 and 24

Today the whole school got the opportunity to take part in an LIVE online assembly run by Google and Parentzone. They talked us through how to stay safe online in an interactive way. Drew Hendry, our MP, made a guest appearance too. He spoke to us about the importance of being kind online. We had to answer questions and learnt lots about ways to keep us safe. At the end we took an Internet Legend Pledge. If you want to learn more, you can play the game Interland online which is a lot of fun. It helps reinforce what we learnt today.

“There was humour, it was fun and there was lots going on. It taught up lessons.” Alfie
“I would give it the love heart emoji!” Robbie
“I liked it because it helped us to learn.” Amy

Safer Internet Day 2019

Well done to the whole school, who took part in Safer Internet Day (SID) 2019. It was great to nip into classes and see so many interesting lessons happening. Hopefully you all received the ‘Digital Parenting’ magazine from Vodafone and have found it of use. You can also visit the ‘Parent Zone’ part of our website which can be found under the ‘Digital Citizenship’ tab. There is loads of up to date information and links on there. On our website is also a copy of the Acceptable Use Policy – AUP (official Highland Council document) and a child friendly version which should be discussed with your child. Every time they logon to a council device, they are agreeing to the terms outlined within this. Below is a snapshot of some things we got up to on SID.

P1 – We shared the story about Smartie the penguin and talked about pop-ups, inappropriate websites and cyberbullying. Some of the class wanted to make little models of Smartie from plasticine. Then they added other accessories like his ipad, phone and  x-box and made up imaginary stories based about being safe online. We then used an app to animate some of our little Smarties!

P2 – In Primary 2 this week, we have been learning about Internet Safety.  We watched a video which told us not to buy anything when we are playing games – unless we have asked an adult.  We also learned not to accept any friendship requests because we don’t know who they are.  We would not talk to strangers in the real world so we must be careful when we are on-line.

P4 – In P4, we watched the ‘Play, Like, Share’ clips from the Thinkuknow website. We discussed why you should:

~Never share passwords

~Never go public on social media

~Tell an adult if something is wrong

~Only accept real friends

Click on the picture below to scroll through the brilliant work surrounding Digital Footprints.

P5 – In P5 we had several lessons throughout the week based around the SID19 lesson advice. We spent a lot of time discussing what it means to give permission especially in an online setting. Students worked with partners to discuss what they would do in different situations related to playing games online and social media. We watched and discussed the video about keeping information safe online. We used ‘compass points’ to demonstrate where they stand about giving consent.


P7 – In Primary 7, we have been looking at how to be an excellent digital citizen. We have looked into internet safety, cookies, copyright, privacy policies, cyberbullying, the effects of social media on us as consumers and lots more. Please ask us about all we have learnt. As part of our homework this week, we created posters to teach others about being a great digital citizen. A few example are below:




5:45PM – 6:15PM