Kirkhill Primary School

Fairburn 2017


Last week on Wednesday we went to Fairburn and had loads of fun.

We took part in archery, walk on water and raft building.
In archery we got split into groups and took part in a compitition to see how many points each team could get.

Walk on water was ace, we had so much fun. Just look at our photos 🙂




Our last activity was raft buiding.

We got ready and went to the lake and had to build a raft. We built the raft and then got to ride on it!! It was lots of fun and we all fell in to the water and got wet!! 🙂

Finally we alll got changed and went back to school . When we got back Emiy W played music.
We had a great day!

by Angus & Emily M

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    Fergus Weir


    Looks like a great day had by all. Well done the blog writers! 🙂


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    Jayne MacMillan


    Looks like great fun.


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