Kirkhill Primary School

Filming and Photography


Re: Filming and Photographing  of pupils during School Events




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Direct Dial:


Date:                      22.08.2012                


Mrs Christine Ford,

Head Teacher

01463 831543



Dear Parents,

 As we start a new school session we must respectfully remind you that all photographs,films  are for personal use only and must not be placed on social network sites.(ECS Administrative  Circular 4/2008)

Parental permission for photographs is recorded and adhered to by staff at all times. We are not at liberty to share this information so it is imperative that you do not publish photographs that include children other than your own.

We keep a register in school which we ask you to sign before school events if you are taking any photographs etc.

Thank you for helping us to keep all our children safe.

Kind regards


Mrs C M Ford and Parent Council members