Kirkhill Primary School

Foraging in the Wood

Today we went on a bit of journey! We walked down to the badger sett and looked around for signs that the badger cubs had been out and about. We spotted an entrance to the sett that had been recently dug out but we didn’t find a latrine or any prints this time. We met Simon the farmer who warned us that the badgers had been digging down into the Lovat ditch that runs through that part of the wood, they have created deep holes in the ground full of water so we all know where they are now and how to avoid them. If your child takes you to the sett make sure they point out these risks and allow them to explain it to you.

We gathered together among the beech trees and noticed that there are some new smells in the woods at this time of year! We learned how to spot wild garlic and we all had a wee taste. It was quite a strong flavour but most of us quite liked it! We know that you should never eat things that you find growing unless you are with an adult who can help you to identify it. We gathered some wild garlic with our partner to take back to class and we’ve already got lots of ideas about what we could make with it!

Thanks to Hayley and Stan for joining us today!

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