Kirkhill Primary School

Generation Science – Good Vibrations

Today we were lucky enough to participate in a super workshop with Generation Science all about sound and how it is created. We learned lots of cool stuff…


“Sound can move through solids. The particles are closer together so the sounds travels faster.” – Emma H

“I didn’t expect much from the final song we created but it was better than I expected. I thought it was going to be a bit boring.” – Liam

“The ear drum receives vibrations and sends them to the brain.” – Angus

“To make sound something has to vibrate.” – Marco

“Sound can travel through liquid and gas. It travels faster through liquid as particles are closer together. A good example is how blue whales communicate.” – Cameron

“The human vocal chords were to nice to see.” – Liam

“You can make sounds yourself.” – Emma

Ask us about the elbow experiment, we found that pretty amazing!

Thank you to Meg and Craig for coming in and teaching us all about sound!

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