Kirkhill Primary School

Guidelines for Nursery Snack

Nursery Snack

We ask you to provide a simple snack for your child/ren each day that they attend Nursery except Fridays when we will have a ‘Fruit Buffet Day’ – money to provide fruit and vegetables each week is given to us in our budget as is the money for daily milk. 

Please ensure your child’s snack, if perishable is placed in a small named container with a lid so that it can be placed in the Nursery fridge until snack time.

We will continue to bake, on a Friday, and share cakes to celebrate children’s birthdays and enjoy celebration foods together during festivals. 

Recommended Snacks 

Children learn from and emulate their peers.  We would greatly appreciate your help in sending in only snacks from the recommended list below to help us to support all children’s understanding and enjoyment of healthy eating.  This list has been devised following advice from NHS Highland.

Fresh Fruit:  eg apple, banana, pear, grapes, kiwi, orange, berries.  Chop or peel and store in easy open tubs. Cut kiwi/oranges into four pieces and cling film back together.  Dried fruit is not recommended as it is high in sugar and sticks to teeth.

Raw Vegetables:  eg carrots, cucumber, peppers, celery, cherry tomatoes.  Chop into sticks and store in easy open tubs.  Try adding a low fat dip such as natural yoghurt, hummus or salsa.

Breads: One slice of bread, a small roll, ½ tortilla wrap, ½ pitta bread.  Spread with a small amount of low fat margarine or spreading cheese, if required.

Savoury Snacks:  oatcakes, low fat crackers, breadsticks, rice cakes, plain popcorn.  Spread with a small amount of low fat margarine or spreading cheese, if needed.

Sweet Snacks:  small scone, pancake, a slice of fruit or malt loaf.  Try homemade ones with less sugar added.

Dairy Foods:  low fat yogurts, fromage frais or cheese.  Avoid confectionary based flavours eg toffee or chocolate. 

Containers:  a small tub (with your child’s name on it) for your child would be easy for them to manage and re-usable.  Using recyclable wrapping materials will help to support our Eco-schools status.

Drinks:  there is no need to send a drink as milk and water will continue to be provided by Nursery.

October 2013