Kirkhill Primary School

Homework policy/work tips

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Homework policy/work tips

Suggestions to help-

  1. Establish with your child an agreed regular time for homework, so it is part of your family routine each day/week eg after supper, before TV time.
  2. Choose a time when children have eaten, are calm and not too tired and importantly a time when you are able to listen, discuss/explain and feel patient……
  3. Spend a short time discussing the task and then expect your child to ‘have a go’ on their own for a while (how long depends upon their age) then check their progress before you help them further.
  4. Stay close by- ready for any for questions but not necessarily sitting with them.
  5. Have pencils, colouring pens,  a rubber, sharpener, scissors, and possibly a dictionary altogether in an agreed place, so  there is no need for  stalling/ excuses or stress finding the required materials …
  6. Encourage them to work in a warm, well lit area of the house away from distractions such as TV/noise/other family members/ toys, where possible.
  7. For all written activities provide a flat surface, preferably a table/desk with a chair/stool at a suitable height.
  8. For reading arrange a comfortable sitting area for you and them.
  9. If your child is having difficulty, even after you have tried to help them then put the work away and try another night or return it to their class teacher with a brief explanation so that they can go over it again with your child.
  10.  Ensure you are interested and encouraging and try to enjoy the time spent learning together…..


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