Kirkhill Primary School

House Groups

Every child is placed in a House when they join Primary 1 and the children in this House become a team who work together during the year. Each child tries hard to receive House Points for working hard, being kind, trying their best and following the school rules. Please see below the House your child is in so if they forget you can remind them!

Beauly (GREEN)

  • Braden
  • Orla
  • Abby
  • Ciara

Conon (YELLOW)

  • Emily
  • Sam
  • Hudson

Ness (BLUE)

  • Erin
  • Bethan
  • Naomi
  • Logan

Orrin (RED)

  • Archie
  • Josh
  • Ieuan

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    Wendy - Orlas Mum


    Ah that’s a shame my two kids are not in the same group. I suppose there will be a bit of healthy competition and tears to go with. 😉 Finlay is Ness I think. Someone said kids from same families normally go in the same groups. Can you please confirm?


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      Primary 1


      It may have been me that confused you as I thought siblings would be together but that’s not the case, it’s completely random! Hope it doesn’t cause any chaos at home!!


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