Kirkhill Primary School

Incy Wincy Spider

Good morning!  Here is an “Oh so simple” activity but children love it!  We are always singing it in Nursery.  Have a look at the video link.  However the ongoing task for our wee band is to try and put your forefinger of right hand on the thumb of your left and then walk up putting right thumb on left forefinger!!!!  Its suppose to be the spider walking???  Not sure if that makes sense, but your wee one will know the concept but it just seems a really tricky one for them to get – so have a go and see.  Maybe we could all return with a new skill!!

Other great rhymes to try, that I hope they will remember are 2 Little Dickie Birds and 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive.  See if they can sing them to your first!  Just some fun, no pressure.


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