Kirkhill Primary School

Learning Journeys

Information re ’Learning Journeys’ Folders

Please ask for: Head Teacher, Mrs Stephanie Wood

Direct dial: 01463 831543


Date: Jan’15

Dear Parents/Carers,

Each child in Nursery has his/her own folder which is known as ‘My Learning Journey’, this will be maintained by the Nursery staff plus yourselves and your child in partnership with Nursery staff during your child’s time in our Nursery (usually over two years).

The folder contains a series of sections ‘All About Me’, Steps on my Learning Journey (which are learning targets) and evidence of learning containing staff observations, photographs, drawings, children’s comments and parent’s comments.

These folders are working documents which provide a way of involving the children in discussion about their learning.  Your child’s targets will be displayed on a ‘Leaping Frog’ in the nursery foyer on the ‘Stepping Stones towards CFE’ board; we would like you to help them achieve their target by giving help and support at home.  You will be given regular opportunities to look through your child’s folder and add any comments, however if you would like to have a look at your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ out with these times please ask a member of a staff as they are always available.

We have also included an A4 sheet for recording any of your child’s achievement’s outside school. For example-fasten clothing…..sing all words to …ride a scooter/ bike…….write or recognise word /letter/number…won a prize/trophy……. More slips are always available for collection from the Nursery cloakroom.

Thank you again for your support.  

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs Georgina Dunbar, Depute Head Teacher

Liz Robertson, Emma MacRae, Helena Stewart and Jane Byham, Early Years Practitioners