Kirkhill Primary School


Kirkhill Community Litter Pick Success

Thank you and well done to all who participated in the litter pick on Monday 29th April as a part of the Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign. The litter along some of our roads had been noticed by the Eco Committee and we had also had a letter from Gairloch Primary School urging us to collect plastics from the beaches and roadsides. Therefore, our community litter pick idea was born.

We had the most glorious day and enjoyed spending time with each other and our parents as we walked our local area, collecting litter. Everyone was in high spirits and enjoyed seeing the good that comes out of such a community event. Thank you to all parents who came and supported us. Here are some photos of the litter we collected.

Credit to Calum Macrae for photos.


Kirkhill Community Litter Pick – We Need YOU

All children have been issued a permission and parent volunteer slip for our Kirkhill Community Litter Pick as part of the Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign. We will be going out on Monday 29th April from 1:30pm. We would love for family and the local community to be involved.

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Give your Litter a Lift

We are writing to ask YOU for YOUR help. We have noticed that there is lots of rubbish on the roadsides which can spread out to the rivers and seas. It is ruining our plants and animals. We are asking that you put all of your rubbish in your pocket and take it home. Did you know that littering is an offence? It is actually against the law to deliberately litter and throw rubbish from your car, so please do not do that. We don’t like seeing the animals being hurt by plastic and other rubbish. Your litter can harm animals such as hedgehogs and birds. The ‘Keep Scotland Beautiful’ campaign for February has been to #giveyourlitteralift. Can we keep our local Kirkhill community clean? Please help us! We are having a community litter pick on Monday, 29th April 2019, everyone welcome to come along and help.

By Bianca (P7), Lily-Grace (P3) and Logan (P1)


Litter in Our Community

Liam has been concerned for some time about the amount of litter in our local area, and as an active member of our Eco Committee has decided to take action.


We received a letter from Gairloch Primary School on Monday, who have been doing a lot to combat plastic in their surrounding areas. This has spurred Liam on even more to ensure everyone accepts responsibility. Take a look at his excellent and powerful message in the pages below.


We will be organising a community litter pick soon, keep eyes and ears peeled for news of this.


Primary 6 Litter Warriors

Primary 6 have been busy collecting crisp packets from snacks. They have sent them back to Walkers who have pledged they will recycle any packets sent back, which is part of a nationwide action plat to halt the use of single use packets. How fab! Well done P6!!!








Eco Committee Update

The Eco Committee have already been out and about collecting litter. We will be auditing the amount of litter dropped around our school and will then hope to present our findings to the school. Litter is a part of our Eco Action Plan every year. We hope that we can reduce the amount dropped. To help us, try to ensure your litter is actually in the bin and doesn’t drop out. You could also try to take a snack which has no ‘single use’ packaging. Together, we can keep our playground clean.


Kirkhill Primary’s Litter Policy




In August 2015 our new pencil litter bins were placed around the school grounds.  They look great and are being well used. Thank you to last year’s Eco Committee and the Parent Council f


or purchasing, these bins for us.

The Eco-Committee take turns collecting litter from the school grounds.  We aim to audit our litter and produce tallies and graphs to show possible trends.

We show and talk about litter dropped in the school ground at our whole school assemblies.   This is done on a regular basis.