Kirkhill Primary School

Lots of Learning!

It’s been another busy week in Primary 1! Please share the photos on the blog with your child and get them to tell you about all they’ve been up to!

We’re working very hard on our adding and have been using dominoes, dice and tens frames to explore lots of different ways to add two groups of objects together. If you’re helping at home then be sure to use a range of maths words so your child becomes familiar with these: add, plus, and, makes, equals, all together.

We had great fun learning our new sounds. We loved reading, ‘Oi Frog!’ and made our own frogs that are sitting on logs in our room. We met a tricky sound this week also…’b’ and many of us had to really concentrate to write this letter correctly (it’s too easy for it to turn into a number 6 we discovered!).

We’ve also been working hard on listening to the sounds we hear in words and finding the missing letters. It’s also been amazing to see so many children choosing to write this week, using squiggles, letters and pictures to communicate. Be prepared for any spare paper at home to be used for lists, letters and pictures galore!

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