Kirkhill Primary School

My World of Work Live (Digital Studios)

On Monday P7 went to WOW (World of Work) Inverness and did 2 workshops to do with science and technology. We learnt about our skills and how these could be used in real jobs.

First we did a Lego renewables workshop. We had to build a strong structure for our wind turbines. We figured out that the blades on the wind turbines had to go a certain way to make it go faster. We found this very interesting and asked some very interesting questions.

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After lunch we did a workshop on DNA. We took  DNA from a strawberry (as you will see below)! Which was very cool!!! We learnt about the different jobs in a lab.

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We would like to thank  Ashley from My WOW and Dr. Evelyn Gray from the STEM Hub at the UHI.

By Bianca and Emily M

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