Kirkhill Primary School

Oh No Geroge!

Good morning to all!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.  I was running through what to put up for you all today and considering the showers and my weekend activities – this is what you’ve got!  I hope it helps to put a bit of structure and together time into your day!

First up is a wee story.  The sheet explains all the whys and wherefores, but remember children of this age just love to repeat things, so don’t worry if they want it over again.  Different ages will gain different experiences from it.  You could almost use this one over two days.  The sock puppet, although to some of you might have you “running for the hills”, is a really easy thing.  Stick on eyes etc if you don’t want to sew.  Children love things you have made together and they will play with it for ages.

Going along the “cake” theme (we all love a cake!), I made these oaty biscuits at the weekend.  So easy, even for me, and they almost taste a bit flapjacky!!(that’s not a real word!) and they come out soft not rock hard to snap off your teeth!

So I’m hoping these two activities may run along for a while for you.  If you want to, you can leave a wee comment beneath – but that is optional!

I am not able to load up the photos for the biscuits and have lost my temper!  So here is the link below for you.  Sorry.

Oat Biscuits Recipe.

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