Kirkhill Primary School

Old MacDonald had a Farm.

Another beautiful morning!  We hope you had some fun with the Incy Wincy rhyme and maybe it took you on to talk a little about spiders.

Today we have picked out another rhyme.  I hope that isn’t stretching your skills too far.  Once again, the sheet explains the “deeper meaning” of the activity, if that’s the right description.  It does help to know “why” I feel, particularly if it is something new.  You will naturally be doing lots of these things with your children without realising how they are learning, thankfully it is wired into us as parents.

I’ve read through the sheet and a couple of other suggestions are, definitely watch the wee video together, they will love that.  Another direction is take the opportunity to get out and play with any farm toys you have.  If you haven’t, make them up, use toy cars instead of tractors, use any toy animals you have, unicorns, trolls, I dont know, anything for the animals.  My children loved making a farm outside.  Use sticks to mark out fencing, stones to mark out farm buildings, anything you have, keep it as small as you like and it will be there tomorrow to play with again.   Children love small world play.

I have rambled on enough now!  Please take all these suggestions as just that, suggestions, to use when you have some time to fill and or children are getting a bit restless, or don’t use them at all.  Its just here if it helps.

Thinking of you all,

Nursery Team.

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