Kirkhill Primary School

Our week so far!

This week we have started using the language of subtraction and we have begun solving subtraction problems using Numicon to help us! We have been exploring volume in the water tray and some of us have realised that the shape of the container can effect how much water it can hold. The marble run is back and is providing lots of opportunity for problem solving. We have been thinking about repeating patterns and creating our own.

We read a great story today that helped us to think about how we are all unique. We thought about all of the things in our lives that make us feel wonderful!

Over the last week we have been reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and trying really hard to retell the story. We came up with actions to help us remember some of the interesting vocabulary. Ask your child to retell the story and see what they can remember!

We then began working in small groups to draw the different parts of the story and order them. This was VERY challenging and a really tricky task for primary ones! We are going to work on how we work together and what good team work looks like!

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