Kirkhill Primary School

Parent Council Meetings

Upcoming Parent Council Meetings


Mon 7th December, 2014 in The Bogroy Inn



Item Detail Action


1. Present: Stephanie Wood, Antonia Macdonald, Jayne MacMillan, Fergus Weir, Fiona Sarjeant, Padraig O’Toole, Wendi Forbes, Alison Pacey,

Apologies: Mairi Macdonald, Jacqui Wilson

2. Minutes of 3rd November 2014


The minutes of the above meeting were accepted:

Proposed –  Jayne MacMillan

Seconded – Alison Pacey

3. Matters Arising:
attended the Highland Parent Council Forum in November. He has been selected as Highlands Rep to attend the National Parent Council Forum. First meeting at end of February. 
4. Letters to the Parent Council: 

Copies of the technical drawings for the changes to traffic management at the school have been received (after request)






5. Head Teacher’s Report: 


School Roll

School –173 Nursery –40 by end of session.

Total = 193 for staffing and capitation.


P7 post has been advertised with a closing date of 26th Jan. Interview date to be set after that.


First meeting with Budget manager on 29th Jan

School Improvement Plan-14’15

No changes in this academic year, review as usual before next school year.

Finally- Many thanks for warm welcome to school, feeling very much at home already.

6. Fund Raising Committee Report:

Fundraising committee reported a balance of £7500.82

A grand total of £4693.97 was raised at the School Christmas Fayre.

The Parent Council would like to record their thanks and appreciation of the efforts of the Fundraising Committee for organising the Fayre and raising such a large amount of money.

SW will consider what is needed after discussion with Budget Manager



7. Treasurer’s report
Highland Council transferred in funds of £207.88 in JuneCheque for £500 was transferred to School Fund in September

Current balance £220.39

£50 to JM as part payment for Owl carving as retirement gift to Cris Ford. Rest of cost covered by individual members of Parent Council (approx £5 each)







School Traffic Update

The technical plans for the changes to the crossing outside the school and extension of yellow lines have been received but only after they were requested. No confirmed timescale except hopefully within this financial year.

Letter to Community Council to attempt to progress plans for proper turning circle/consultation with residents about part use of green space.

Letter/map about traffic and parking to be reissued as new parents at school including some who are coming into school car park.









A new supplier for school uniform has approached the school. Based in Muirtown she would offer internet ordering with delivery to home or school.

12.5% against Macron sports wear and accessories.

Possibility that Kirkhill receive a royalty from Highland Schoolwear so check first before accepting new supplier.

Need to look at pricing and ensure doesn’t disadvantage those who don’t like internet shopping.

Request to look at new sports kit for Kirkhill as current basketball type tops do not have school logo or name and are all very large. Unpopular with children and disappointing not to be able to promote the school at events such as Baxters 5k where we entered a large team.














Dates of next meetings:


Mon 27 Apr 2015 at 7.30pm in Bog Roy( provisionally)

Mon 8 Jun 2015 at 7.30pm in Bog Roy – AGM










Between meeting held 3rd November 2014 and meeting of 12th January Kirkhill Parent Council held 2 additional meetings specifically around appointing a new head teacher.


There were 5 applicants for the post, all were given a Professional Interview by Linda Schubert, Quality Improvement Officer and Columba Johnston, Education Officer for Kirkhill.

Only 2 applicants met the standard for headship as per the General Teaching Council for Scotland.


The second interview was held on 5th December 2014

The panel consisted of

3 members of Kirkhill Parent Council-Fergus Weir, Antonia Macdonald and Jayne Macmillan.

3 Education Officers-Linda Schubert, Columba Johnston and a local teacher rep (although on the day no one was available.)

3 local councillors-Drew Hendry, Helen Carmichael and Alastair Christie who chaired the panel.


Each candidate gave a 10 minute presentation around their vision for the school.

There were 4 questions provided by Education Department (Parent Council could not influence questions asked). Any supplementary questions had to be relevant to original question and asked via the Chair.

There was a scoring system from -2 to +2 for presentation and each question.

The scores were added up at the end and used to inform discussion were one needed.


The 3 Parent Council members agreed strongly on their preferred candidate and their scores the reflected this.

The local councillors scores were closer but showed a slight preference for the same candidate so little discussion was required.

Mrs Wood was offered the post that afternoon and accepted.

In the meantime anyone wishing to contact the Parent Council can do so by emailing

parentcouncil [@]