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In-Game Chat Guidance from CEOP

Did you know the average age of a gamer is 35? Watch this video to learn more about in-game chats and how to keep your child(ren) safe when gaming.


Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine 2021

Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine


Tik Tok Privacy Update

Tik Tok have recently updated their privacy settings, you can check more out HERE. Please keep in mind that although this is a move in the right direction, children can still sign up with a fake birthday showing they are older than they are. Continue to monitor your child(ren)’s online use carefully.


Remote Learning Guidance for Parents/Carers from the Highland Council


DITTO Magazine

Be sure to hover your mouse over the magazine to have the option to move through the pages. Alternatively click here.

Remote Learning Tips for Parents from National Online Safety


A Parent Guide to Being Social Online this December

Thinkuknow have released a guide to support parents in keeping their children safe online this festive period. Check it out here: Thinkuknow Parent Guide

SafeToNet – Safeguarding and Digital Wellbeing for when you are not by their side

UNCRC Articles 2, 12 and 19

A member of Primary 5 has been using the app SafeToNet at home to support them with making good, safe choices on the internet, whilst also not invading their privacy*. Find more information below.

“SafeToNet, the multi award-winning cyber safety company is safeguarding children from bullying, grooming, abuse and aggression online.

The pioneering SafeToNet app uses artificial intelligence to detect and filter predatory risks in real-time. When a risk is detected the app provides digital wellbeing audio guides that help children deal with the issues associated with living in a digital world.” (SafeToNet website – click here for more information).

SafeToNet is a proud sponsor of Anti-Bullying Week 2020. As part of this, they are offering parents a 60-day free trial of the SafeToNet app with the code “ABW2020”.

*Kirkhill Primary School has no affiliation with the SafeToNet, and using the app is entirely at the judgement of each individual family. This is merely a suggestion that some may find useful in protecting their children against some of the challenges parents/carers and children face when using the internet.


Google and Parentzone Resources/Support

After our assembly on Monday, Google and Parentzone have offered free digital drop-ins for parents/carers. To find more out about these, click here. You can also find fun family activities here.


The Digital Family Pledge

Vodafone have created a new online safety resource; The Digital Family Pledge. It is a free online tool to help families (parents included!) set good digital habits. The Pledge covers four important topics: screen time, online bullying, social media and gaming. It uses a series of quiz like questions and prompts families to discuss and agree some rules on how to act and use technology and the internet. The information is tailored towards 5 – 13 year olds.  Find the Digital Family Pledge here .


E-Safety Presentation (Safer Internet Day/Week 2020)

Thank you to all parents/carers who came to our E-Safety Presentation with Robert Quigley today. The discussion was super and it was great to hear from him what is relevant to us in the Highlands, as well as nationally and globally. We hope you all took something away. As requested, please find the handout below, along with the information sheets for the top 5 most used apps in Kirkhill.

The useful website Robert showed us for quickly checking apps was

Youth Perspectives on Expiring Content by Childnet

Youth Perspectives on Expiring Content by Childnet


Safer Internet Day 11th February 2020

Safer Internet Day – parents/carers (click me)


E-Safety Presentation with Robert Quigley

When: Wednesday 12th February 2020 at 2pm

Where: School hall

Why: To educate parents/carers about the online world and how to best support your child in navigating around it

More information in the school newsletter, it would be great to see many of you there!


Net Aware – Apps and Games at a Glance

Net-Aware Input the name of any game/app into this website and find out all you need to know, at a glance.

Image below taken from Net-Aware – Snapchat Guide


What is Live Streaming?

Thinkuknow – What is live streaming? (Parent Article)


Podcasts Relating to Online Safety


BBC Own It app

The BBC have launched a new app (available to Apple and Android users) which can provide support, help and advice for children when using online platforms. BBC Own It


Helping Your Child Deal with Unwanted Contact Online

“There are many benefits to socialising and playing games online — it can be entertaining and educational, while helping to build digital intelligence skills. However, games or apps with a chat function mean your child is likely to be communicating with others online, including strangers.”

Click on the link take you to an article to read more…Helping your child deal with unwanted contact online


Mental Health and Social Media


The New Normal: Parents, Teens, and Devices Around the World

An interesting read, although based on the US, relates to us here in the UK too. There is a UK study which you can access if you sign up to Common Sense.


Information on New App ‘Discord’

The social aspect of gaming is hugely important to many children, who will want to keep in touch with other gamers, such as their friends. An app that seems to be increasing in popularity is Discord. This app plugs into lots of other apps (i.e. Twitch, YouTube, Reddit) so potentially information is going to be shared across different platforms. As with many other apps you have to be 13 or over to use it, but surprise surprise there’s no age verification at all in place. For a brief explanation follow the link here: (information taken from Alan Smith – E-safety Adviser weekly email)


PEGI Ratings

An interesting clip explaining the reasoning behind PEGI ratings and how to find games more suitable for your child’s age and stage.


Ditto Online Safety Magazine – March 2019


‘Momo’ Challenge

Below is some support and guidance for parents regarding the ‘Momo’ Challenge.

National Online Safety Parent Guidance Posters


7 Conversation Starters Regarding Online Safety

Safer Internet Day 2019

With Safer Internet Day upon us tomorrow (Tuesday 5th February 2019), here are a couple of leaflets which were forwarded on by the Digital Citizenship Leader in Highland. They both make for interesting reading.


Internet Matters – an app for children and parents about e-safety

‘Internet Matters’: Online safety app for parents and children

NET AWARE – Do you know what apps your child uses?

The link below is a super way of finding out about the apps and games your child(ren) uses or want to use. It breaks information down into understandable chunks and includes the important ‘stuff’ parents want to know.


This online magazine is packed full of helpful tips and support. You can subscribe to it, making it nice and easy.

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This link will take you to some useful links about online platforms your child may use or be asking to use. Become more clued up:



Both of these Twitter accounts are worth exploring as the creator, Andy Robertson, creator, Andy Robertson, provides regular and helpful updates and guidance on how best to manage the ever-increasing world of Online Gaming by providing a ‘talk-through’ of some of the most popular and current games being played by young people.



Vodafone offer free guidance for parents regarding the digital world. Below is Issue 6. We have a hard copy of Issue 7 which will go out to all parents on Safer Internet Day 2019 (5th February). You can find other Issues on this link:


BBC iWonder – some useful tips from BBC about keeping children safe online.



The Digital Leaders will have a table on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th November during the parent appointments to show the Chromebooks to parents and also have some information regarding online safety for parents to take away. We hope you find this useful.