Kirkhill Primary School

Real Reader

Helping your child to become a Real Reader

  • Act as a role model.

Let them see you reading books, magazines, newspaper- discuss what you are reading with them and why you enjoy/need to read…..

  • Reading is Fun!

Present reading as fun not just something they have to do for school-share/discuss what you are reading with them sometimes.

  • Read with your child

Take turns with them when reading their choice-school/home reader/library book/comic /joke books etc.

Also read to them parts of your choice of reading -poem, article from magazine, how to do book, recipes etc.

  • Encourage them to read to others

 Such as younger family members, grandparents, family pets.

  • Let them stay up later…….

 But they have to be in bed reading for the extra time and if they aren’t when you check the light goes out straight away…

More suggestions

  • Let them choose what to read……be prepared for them at first choosing by the cover alone…we all have to learn what we enjoy reading by trial and error.
  • They may prefer non-fiction to fiction ……or picture books which  are not just for young children….suggest books they might enjoy but do not describe any books as rubbish…let them find out for themselves…Reading is reading ….
  • Give book tokens as gifts…so they can go with you and choose for themselves.
  • Join the library & visit together once a month-make it an outing to anticipate……
  • The classics are still in print for a reason –read one together…or buy a CD to listen to in the car or at bed time.
  • Buy as many books for them as you can afford………….


Please see below for a list of useful websites.

Websites for Parents