Kirkhill Primary School

Right of the Month

March 2019 – Article 28
You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can.

February 2019 – Article 24
You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information
to help you stay well.

January 2019 – Article 1
Everyone under 18 has these rights.

December 2018

Human Rights Day (click link for more information)

Date: 10 Dec
What is it: The date was chosen to honour the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on 10 December 1948 – the first global enunciation of human rights.
Rights Link: Article 4: Implementation of the Convention

International Migrants Day (click link for more information)

Date: 18 Dec
What is it: This day aims to recognise the efforts, contributions and rights of migrants.
Rights Link: Article 10: Family reunification