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Today we launched OutRight. Our ambassadors did a fantastic job of doing this. We listened to a rights song, discussed what OutRight is and even did a little quiz at the end. OutRight is a campaign which gives children the vehicle in which to learn about their rights, educate others and shout about what is important to them.



‘Voices of Youth’ is a UNICEF blogging platform and an excellent way for young people to have their voices heard on issues regarding their rights. You can find it here: Voices of Youth blog



“Raw personal stories on what it’s like growing up in Britain today, as told by BBC Young Reporters. Young people share their own stories in their own words, with authenticity and honesty. This five-part series will see a new episode published by BBC Young Reporter every Friday.” This new BBC podcast is for young people, by young people, discussing issues which are relevant to them. You can find it on the link below:

Hear Me



Our RRSAmbassadors are currently working alongside the Pupil Council to create our new Playground Charter. This charter will hold the Values, Vision and Aims of the school hand in hand with the rights of the child. We are currently gaining feedback and views from the children across the school by holding class meetings. Watch this space for an update on how we get on!



Now we have our Bronze Award, we are thinking ahead to our ‘Silver Award: Rights Aware’. The Rights Respecting Ambassadors are working hard to drive forward the rights, we have had lots of assemblies which teach about the rights, our ‘Pupil Voice’ board is being well utilised and we are hearing lots of rights language being used in discussions. 

Watch this space for more updates as we continue on our rights respecting path.



We are delighted to announce we have achieved our Bronze Award – Rights Committed. This is a huge achievement for the school, well done to everyone. We are now working towards our Silver Award – Rights Aware. It is a very exciting time for Kirkhill Primary School and we hope to bring the community with us along the way.

Image result for rights respecting school bronzeRights Secret Agents

Our RRSA have decided they would like to give out stickers to those that are respecting the rights. They will be looking out for children upholding the rights in the classroom, playground and the corridors. Each sticker entitles the receiver to one house point. Can you earn yourself a sticker?