Kirkhill Primary School

Road Safety Policy


Road accidents are the greatest single threat of death or injury facing children.  The aim of the School’s Road Safety Policy is to reduce this risk.  The objectives are set out below:

  • Road Safety Education will be delivered through the curriculum as part of the Curriculum for Excellence Health Programme and will also be seen as an integral part of the whole school curriculum.
  • The local police and road safety officer will be invited to work in partnership with staff and parents, to support the delivery of the curriculum.


  • Parents have the main responsibility to influence their children’s attitude and behaviour on journeys to and from school.
  • Parents will be kept up to date with any Road Safety initiatives.
  • Parents are to accept responsibility for parking both safely and appropriately in and around the school and only park in school car park with permission or out with school hours
  • Parents of all children should be encouraged to walk their children to and from school if possible.
  • Parents should be aware of safety issues to be taught at school and provide positive reinforcement at every opportunity.
  • Pupils will not be allowed to leave school premises during school time, unless they have written permission from their parents.


The following aspects of Road Safety will be included in the curriculum at Kirkhill:

  • How to use a zebra crossing safely
  • Safety at play in and round the school.
  • How to cross the road safely (The Green Cross Code)
  • Boarding and behaviour on school buses/taxis.
  • Reinforcement of wearing of seat belts while on school transport.
  • Cycle Safety and encouragement of wearing helmet
  • Rules for school journeys made by class groups on foot.
  • Awareness of all types of traffic – including farm traffic (relevant to our situation at school).
  • Cycle training for Primary 6 pupils.
  • Dealing with accidents – how to summon help, etc.
  • Although aspects of Road Safety are built into our Health programme, it is important that aspects of Road Safety are discussed and reinforced regularly; particularly if there have been any incidents where a pupil’s safety has been put at risk.

Transport of pupils

In transporting pupils in buses out with the school, the school will endeavour whenever possible to provide buses with seat belts. Staff/parents transporting pupils in their own vehicle must ensure their normal insurance policy covers this activity.

Cycle training

We have some Parent volunteers who have been trained to carry out the cycling training programme for the senior pupils. This takes place within the school day.

Road Safety Initiatives

We try whenever possible to reinforce aspects of road safety by participating in initiatives promoting aspects of road safety e.g. Walk to School Days.

Management of the Policy

The Head Teacher and school staff will ensure delivery of the policy.

Parents will be informed of any modification to the policy.

The policy will be reviewed periodically and in light of any new regulations or incidents.