Kirkhill Primary School

School Aims and Values


Our School Aims were revised following consultation between pupils, staff & parents in January, 2011

At Kirkhill Primary School and in our Nursery class we aim :-

  • To be a happy, friendly and safe community where we respect and care for each other as we are learning, living and playing.
  • To make our learning fun and to continue our learning in and out of school.
  • To become responsible for ourselves, our health and our actions.
  • To encourage each other to try our best at whatever we are doing.
  • To accept each others differences and co operate with each other during all activities.

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Our School Values are

Respect, Fairness,  Commitment, Co operation Truth and Honesty.


‘A value is something you can strive to achieve to make our school/society a better place to grow up in ‘- pupil definition.