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Sing a Rainbow!

Good Morning All!

Its a little grey again today but the weather is cheering up a tad in the next few days.  We have been very spoiled by those couple of weeks of lovely sunshine.

There is a wee cheery video from all the staff to make you smile, which you can find on Face Book and Inverness Courier Face Book.  (If you haven’t already seen it.)

So today we have more singing!  I’m so sorry if singing isn’t your thing, I seem to put quite a few songs up.  But this doesn’t have to be a song if that is too challenging.  A rainbow is a sign of hope, and always has been from way back.  One of natures beautiful creations!  I can remember just once, we were travelling down the A9 to my parents and actually drove through the rainbow – or at least appeared to (maybe the scientists amongst you will no the facts behind how that happens.)  Sadly no leprechaun or crock of gold!

So the song is lovely and very repetitive, which as we spoke about yesterday, (Copy Cats) is always something young children enjoy, as this helps them to learn and embed!  (Not go to bed!)  There are opportunities galore to paint and draw, use colour – maybe take a colour and see how many things in the room you can see of that colour, and/or draw them.  Hey, make a collage – now I’m getting carried away!  You can even take it further and see the rainbow as a mouth, and talk about happy and sad and emotions.  Draw different faces just simple eyes, nose, mouth.  You can look up cartoon images of eyebrow shapes and angles etc, to show different emotions (crickey what did I have for breakfast!)

If you have time and inclination, send your key worker a photo, we love seeing what you guys are up to!  Even if it’s snuggled up reading or just having a drink and a biscuit.  Didn’t we all love biscuits at snack chidren?

I will calm down now and leave you to your day.  Have fun with this – in whatever takes your fancy.

Warm wishes, as ever.  Keep smiling and someday soon, we will all be back together.


Nursery Team.


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