Kirkhill Primary School

So far this week!

This week we have been busy learning about seeds, seed dispersal, growing plants and photosynthesis. We still have lots of questions but in the woods today we discovered lots of tiny saplings that have started to grow and this definitely helped us to understand what we have been talking about in class.

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Primary One were very keen to be allowed to organise their time in the woods today so this morning I handed over the responsibility to them! Everyone chose to have time to play, then snack and then more time to play. Back in the class we talked about what we had chosen to do with our own time in the woods…

“I played Lord of the Rings. We were different characters and we were trying to sleep but someone kept waking us up!”

“I made a kite from paper and string, it flies behind me when I walk.”

“I found spiders and slugs, I looked at them with the magnifying glass.

“We made a spider’s web with rope!”

“We were being Ninjas! We have our own Ninja House.”

“We found lots of baby trees. I saw a rowan, I knew it was rowan because of the leaves. It’s just like the one Brian gave me.”

“We found beech saplings. The first two leaves are like butterflies. Or bums! Or cheeks! Then they go pointy.”

Yesterday we took part in the Community Litter pick too, we were happy to discover that our patch didn’t have too much litter around but we still came back to school with three bags that were about half full. We were still spotting small bits of litter on our walk today so we think we should do a litter pick a few times a term on the way to the woods just to keep our village looking lovely and to help our planet.

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