Kirkhill Primary School

Sunshine Song

Good Morning,

Oh dear, I always talk about the weather – apologies for that!  But today is supposed to be one of the hottest days of the year so far – fingers crossed – but then I love the heat, I know lots of us don’t.

It a funny thing, when I was young, many years ago. . .  sunscreen wasn’t something that was at the top of the list on a day at the beach.  I can remember coming home burned.  My mum was totally on everything but that wasn’t such a big thing then.  Funny how times change.  I now wear sunscreen on my face all year round – desperately trying to control the wrinkles that the sun creates.  So sounding totally like my mother, to all you mums and dads, wear sunscreen on your face every day!  Children, your parent/carers will look after your sunscreen needs.

So here is today’s wee activity, one we all know, so I hope you have fun.

Nursery Team.

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