Kirkhill Primary School

Survivial List

Respectful reminders to help  our school run smoothly or ‘Save Our Sanity!

Open door-we try to operate an open door policy at school, do  please call in to discuss any concerns immediately so we can help, however, please try to drop in at the start or end of the day or make an appointment to see a staff member  via the office for a mutually agreeable time.

Pupil Information- please notify us immediately if the personal details for your family change and remember the 3 day rule regarding notifying school if your child is absent. A letter/note is needed if you are taking your child out of school for any reason. Thank you

Homework is not given out in the first or last week of term. We would appreciate homework being signed by a family member when completed and for it to be handed in on time. If there are any difficulties with homework, please drop a note to the teacher or contact the office for an appointment. If your child requires a new red folder please send £3.50 into school in a sealed envelope. 

Parking– please do not park outside the school on St Mary’s Rd at the start and end of the school day because it causes congestion and may cause an accident- see map in outside notice board for suggestions of where to park/drop off you child/children. The school car park is for staff only unless you are disabled or collecting/returning a child after an appointment.


  • Please ensure all school wear and indoor shoes are named.
  • Pupils need their PE kit with them all week
  • Pupils need a rainproof jacket every day because of the unpredictability of our Scottish weather. If it pours down we take them inside but if there is only light drizzle they usually stay out in the fresh air.
  • Once autumn starts all pupils need a bag with change of clothes in case of accidents etc. We have some extra clothes but if none are suitable we will need  to call you to bring some to school, if none are provided as requested.

Money and return forms/slips-Please send all money for trips /dinners etc in a named purse or envelope. If possible we’d appreciate return slips etc on time – date requested for return is usually given -late returns cause extra work and problems for teachers and office staff. Thank you.

School lunches – if possible pay in advance on a Monday – £1.80 per pupil meal. Payments for meals should be done first thing in the morning because once staff start to prepare food they are not allowed to handle money. 

Your help, support and consideration is as always greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Mrs C M Ford