Kirkhill Primary School

Technology Week in P7

We had two visitors during Technology Week. One from UHI STEM Hub on Tuesday and the other from Mr. Richards with S5s and S6s from Charleston Tech Department on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Mrs Conroy did some circuits with us, we had one set between two. We had a little booklet to try copy different circuits.  Samantha came in as well and we did electric caterpillars which you had to programme. She also did a thing where we had different fruits that were connected to crocodile clips and we had to act as conductors to play the piano through the computer (ask us about this as it is very confusing to explain). We had lots of fun!

This week we have been creating a moving toy with cam. We have created the model by following clear instructions and working together as a team. On Wednesday, Mr Richards and the S5s and the S6s came in and helped us finish our moving toy with a cam mechanism. They also taught us about electrical circuits. They did a PowerPoint and told us what it is like to be in the technology department in Charleston. We have had a very busy but brilliant week!

Our moving toys will be on display next week during Parents’ Evening/Afternoon.

By Bianca and Alison

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