Kirkhill Primary School

The Little People

Today we discovered some tiny elves in our classroom and then a tiny letter from them arrived!

It was very exciting until we read what the letter said… Sadly they had decided to leave their part of the Enchanted Forest because it was no longer safe. They were hoping that we might allow them to stay in our classroom and help them to feel welcome. We thought about all the things that might make them feel unsafe and we talked about how to help them to feel welcome.


We noticed that they had arrived without any bags or suitcases so we started to think about what they might need when they arrive in an unknown land. We explored the idea of needs and wants and worked in teams to sort lots of pictures. We asked, “Is this something that I NEED to keep me safe and healthy or is it something that I WANT?”

All of the thinking and discussions from today relate to current refugee crisis however we explored them through an imaginary setting. You may want to explore this further with your child at home.



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    Brilliant story writing! Ronan loved it x


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