Kirkhill Primary School

This week!


Please bring in forms and sponsorship money tomorrow for the Sports for Champions visit next week.

Please return trip consent forms and £2 for coach travel ASAP.

No school on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week! Enjoy your long weekend!

This week!

This week we have been…

  • exploring what the equals sign means when we create sums
  • finding out how to split numbers up into smaller parts
  • learning the sounds ch and sh
  • investigating how the dinosaurs died out and linking this to the current climate crisis
  • learning about endangered animals, particularly the orangutan and finding out more about how palm oil plantations are impacting on their lives
  • beginning to think more about castles and sharing what we know about them already
  • creating castles in teams based on our existing knowledge
  • learning about how to stay safe online with Buddy the dog! Can your child remember Buddy’s song?!
  • using our bodies to make and hold interesting shapes and positions
  • preparing a fruit salad and sharing it out with our friends
  • investigating floating and sinking
  • beginning to write our own books!
  • planning some random acts of kindness
  • sharing some fossils from home

… and there sis still another few hours of the week left tomorrow! Phew!

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