Kirkhill Primary School

Two Metre Play – Copy Cats

Good Morning,

Today is a little bit of a repeat that we did a few weeks ago but with a wee emphasis on the social distance ruling.  Now, as we know, young children are going to find this near impossible to do, but it doesn’t  hurt to remind them.  We are certainly not going for all out distancing.  At least if they hear it at home, it won’t be so alien to them within the Nursery setting if it needs to be spoken about.  So no pressure here.

Just another link you may find useful, is the BBC Tiny Happy People.  It gives a great deal of help and advice and just chat, to parents on all manner of subjects.  I found it interesting, so it may be worth a scan over if you fancy.

Have a good day everyone.

Best wishes from us three!!

Nursery Team.

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