Kirkhill Primary School

Using our Senses in the Woods

It was so nice to be in the woods and begin to notice the changing season. Last time we were there it was cold and snowy but today some of us even took off our jackets!

Today was all about exploring our senses and we focused on what we could see around us. We discovered lots of colours in the woods that we didn’t expect to find. Jacob even managed to find something natural that was pale turquoise! Can you remember what it was?

Then we looked at things very closely and tried to draw what we saw, not what we expected to see! We used watercolour paints to show the variety of colours in our object. Everyone was so calm and focused during the painting that we realised how many birds were singing in the woods around us. We displayed our work in our woodland gallery.

During free play some of us explored how mirrors can change what we see, we used magnifying glasses to look EVEN closer at things and some of us chose to sit and do some more looking and painting.

Thanks to Hayley, Natalie and Chris for joining us today.



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