Kirkhill Primary School

Waste Minimisation

Waste Week 2020

Next week (9th March) is Waste Week and the theme is plastic waste. Let’s reduce the amount of plastic we throw away as a school, by taking in snacks and packed lunches which have less/no plastic packaging. You could wrap your food in a beeswax wrap, buy whole fruit loose (instead of in a packet), use reusable tubs instead of plastic bags and take all liquids in a reusable bottle. One step better, can the whole family try to reduce their plastic?

Image credit: The Pod sponsored by EDF Energy

Beeswax Wraps Competition

A huge well done to our very own Kirsty Muir for her entry into the Beeswax Wrap Company competition. Kirsty won a runners up prize and got a set of her very own beeswax wraps. 

If you are interested in becoming more eco friendly, why not buy yourself your own set of beeswax wraps. They reduce the amount of clingfilm, tinfoil and plastic bags used and keep food fresh!


Reusable Food Packaging

Miss Morgan spotted Hunter’s excellent reusable beeswax cloth for his sandwiches. What a great idea! Using this ensures he does not use clingfilm or tinfoil which is used once and thrown into landfill. Well done Hunter! Something more of us could try.


Weight of Rubbish

Waste Minimisation

P3s are doing a great job collecting waste paper from each class and taking this to the re-cycling bins unit at the side of the school each day. The P3s Eco members are now training up the P2 childrButterflyen to do this very important job so they will take on this responsibility next term.

We have a Blytheswood container located in our school grounds for people to deposit any unwanted goods.  Our school takes part in Rag Bag week twice a year too.

The Eco Crafts group have been finished their milk bottle top butterfly from last term.

They have made two “Recycled Tyre Minions” to brighten up our school grounds.


Minion 1Minion 2 (2)


In term 4 the Eco Crafts group will be making  mobiles out of old CDs to hang from the trees in the school grounds.


The Enterprise group have been busy printing to make Christmas paper to sell at our Christmas Fair in November.  This was a great and fun way to re-use paper.

The P6’s are responsible for composting within the school.  Toni Clarke, our local composting expert talked about composting to the P6 class.  Each day 3 members of P6 collect compost from the playground, staffroom and canteen.  We must remember to put the same amount of leaves and food into the compost bin.  We have a cooked food and a non-cooked food compost bin. The P6 Eco members are now training up the P5 children to do this very important job in the new school year.